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  1. fabster

    best lowering springs

    Hi Guys ,i know there are a quite a few choices out there for 35mm lowering springs . I am after a firm but supple ride. What can you suggest ? I have got kyb oil filled shocks ready to go , i just need the right springs. Collies are not really for me. Thanks.
  2. fabster

    15x7s on pao.

    I thought you guys may find this of intrest. Gotti 15 x7 alloys ET 25,centrebore machined out to size,trial fitted to Pao. The rears fitted fine but the front poked out by 35mm.
  3. fabster

    k10 auto. radiator needed.

    Hi Guys ,as above . My local factors don't list one. Any ideas where i can get a new one from. Thanks
  4. fabster

    front springs

    Hi Guys, does anyone know if there are any standard height stiffer front springs available as the standard ones are a bit soft.
  5. fabster

    wider wheels

    Hi Guys, has anyone fitted aftermarket wider wheels on their Pao? I have checked a few k10 threads, but i am not sure they have the same clearance. Wheel size , et ,and tyre size would be a great help if anyone knows.
  6. fabster

    heater controls

    Hi Guys, after a busy few months i have started to work on the Pao again. Whilst operating the heater controls i noticed with the heater on "hot" and sliding the knob to feet and defrost it was toasty warm but on the face setting it was cold. Now i had this on one of my other cars years ago and...
  7. fabster

    is heater same as k10?

    Hi guys ,can someone tell me if the pao heater assembly is the same as a micra k10. Mine went on me tonight. Is it a dash out job? Thanks.
  8. fabster


    Hi Guys,i need a replacement radiator and i can't quite remember if someone said a suzuki alto rad will fit -with a few mods . I know of the alloy one on ebay but as always i would like to fit a cheaper alternative if it only needs a bit of modifiying. The top tank on mine has cracked around the...
  9. fabster

    Flaming Pao

    Well, after 3 months on and off welding up the Pao l finally came to the end. I had just finished up welding up a small parch on the n/s sill when i thought i would check around underneath for untidy welds. I noticed a small hole just under the drivers seat support and just buzzed it up with the...
  10. fabster

    Need radio

    Hi Guys, i need an original radio for my pao. It came with an aftermarket or factory ,single din console which i have taken out as i really like the look of the standard radio. Does anyone have a spare or am i looking at importing one.
  11. fabster

    The new guy

    Hi, to all ,after many many months of looking online for a Pao i finally had mine delivered this week . You may have seen it on fleabay ,a rather sorry rusty soggy example but perfect for me as i could never afford a nice one .So with the welder turned up on max and some flattened out bake bean...