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    SuperS Forged Turbo Build

    Looks great Dave. I check this thread and then look on eBay to buy another 😂
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    SuperS Forged Turbo Build

    I can't even.... Brilliant. Great thread
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    SuperS Forged Turbo Build

    Nerd. Great thread Dave. Really enjoying the updates.
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    SuperS Forged Turbo Build

    Great thread dave. Brilliant to see some old experts are keeping the k11 tuning going.
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    Adjustable Cam Gear - Pics

    About 4 years :D :D Cheers frank ;)
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    Adjustable Cam Gear - Pics

    <3 :D
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    nismo micra for sale

    Lovely Lovely Vehicle
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    Solarice's Project.

    great thread, a lovely lovely lovely little car you have there. My old micra reg was N### LFT
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    Throttle body mesh

    this is why I don't post anymore. Do you have any idea the amount of development work I did on my k11? The testing with and without a mesh was very low on my list. Common sense I would think would normally explain this. Ahh ###### it, I won't post my opinions anymore.
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    Throttle body mesh

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    Installing Standalone ECU, need some help please

    ^^ not sure about the nissan ecu info posted in this thread. ^^
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    Throttle body mesh

    Turbulent flow is good flow, also it will make 0.0000000001% of a difference to your performance. Where as the crap I have seen gather on here will make a difference to your performance if it ends up in your engine.
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    turbo exhaust

    I'd go for a 2/2.5" system with a CAT in the location of the standard second one. One K11 owner I know uses a gtir CAT on a 2.5" system (with appropriate engine management) and passes his MOT no problem. For info, a turbo will almost always IMPROVE/REDUCE emissions, not make them worse. A too...
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    eunos roadster.

    brilliant brilliant cars
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    throttle bodies and injectors

    k11 ecu runs both open and closed
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    '99 Micra ECU reprogramming

    that board there is not a late UK ecu, that is an early UK ecu. You can get the board that will work for that at it is labelled as "ROM Board K11 First half" on grid. oh, and s15 board will work with late UK ecus you know what, mis-read the post! S14a / S15 should work, just to...
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    F/s: Advanti cams

    god are these cams still going around? they are great btw!
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    Update - Back from the dead

    looks great Dave
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    ECU Talk & Removed Rev Limiter

    uses the last known values, or interpolates