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  1. JayY

    HELP! K11 Starting Problem, Engine Flooding

    Over the last couple of month's my K11 has had trouble starting. It will only happen when left for a couple of days. Initially I was taking the fuse for the fuel pump out and turning it over then putting it back in and it worked fine. But after a few times it didn't work again. I called...
  2. JayY

    New Car...

    Got a new car, My third SR! Exactly the same as the old one, just need to put my bits on it. 78K, £880. Pics to follow. I will most likely be breaking the old one.
  3. JayY

    What Next

    Hi guys, been a while since Ive been on here! Since I last visited Ive had a custom made cat-back put on from Long Life and a de-cat. But Im getting a bit bored, what could I do next? I already have the following: Lowered Strut brace Castor Kit
  4. JayY

    1.6 Conversion

    I know this has probably been covered a number of times, but Ive searched and can't find anything.. What EXACTLY is needed for 1.6 conversion, getting a bit bored with the old 1.3 now... Thanks!
  5. JayY

    185/50/R14 or 195/45/R14

    In a couple of months I will need some new tyres, i was thinking of going for 195/45/R14, I currently have 185/50/R14, can someone tell me if there will be diffrents in handling?? My mate said he put wider tyres on his wheels and it made the handling worse.. so Im a bit confused..
  6. JayY

    For Sale: K11 1.0L

    Right my mums 1.0L has a a couple of problems that my parents cant be bothered to fix, they want a new car anyway. The Air flow meter has gone and it MAY require a bit of welding on the cross member. No MOT, Tax till May 07, and 63K on the clock 1993, 1.0L Brought brand new Very...
  7. JayY

    Jerking Micra

    My mums K11 has just developed a really weird jerking. Pulls away fine, stays in gear, but jerks quite badly. Any ideas?
  8. JayY

    Wanted: SR / Super S Front Bumper in BLACK

    Does any one have one? I had a little knock yesterday and ive damaged my bumper. Thanks people
  9. JayY

    PowerFlex Poly Bushes

    Ive got a set of Powerflex poly bushes (wishbone) for the K11, don't need them because I brought new wishbones. Got them for £60, so Im looking for about £30 plus p+p
  10. JayY

    Tyre Pressures

    I currently have 185/50/R14 tyres on my alloys, can anyone tell me the pressure they should be at? Thanks guys
  11. JayY

    Bulbs Codes

    Im thinking of getting LED bulbs for my back lights, does anyone know the the codes for the rear light e.g. Side Lights: 501 Thanks
  12. JayY

    WTD: K11 Rear Ash-Tray

    Anyone got one they want to sell? Ive have only ever seen one in my mates old Super S
  13. JayY

    My SR alloys For Sale

    Here's the link
  14. JayY

    Removing Bushes (Wishbone)

    Whats the best to remove these? My mate removed the lower arm and tryed to get one but he couldn't, help! my old ones are all worn out and the noise is driving my nuts!
  15. JayY

    Welding, Rusty Sill: How much?

    How much should i expect to pay to have one of my sill's welded? Its got a hole at the bottom of the rear quater panel
  16. JayY

    Look what I got!

    My new wheels! I will get some better pics!
  17. JayY

    K11 Maintance

    I was thing it could be useful to have a thread that told everyone about maintance that should be performed on a K11. As alot of us work on our car we have found bits that are more specfic to the K11 and that need to be done. Here's mine: Oil change every 3000 miles Lubricate the bolts...
  18. JayY

    Pics: Janspeed backbox, Front K12 splitter, modded driving lamps

    As the title reads, have had my backbox fitted and put on a frony K12 splitter, which us also on the back. £10 for both! And I put sidelights into my driving lamps.
  19. JayY

    BIG NATS problem

    I got into my car yesterday, put the key in the ignition and heard a beep which I had never heard before, then I started the car and an alarm went off!! I knew the car had a alarm but non of the key-fobs are programmed, so i couldn't switch it off without disconnecting the battery, I...
  20. JayY

    Finally Lowered!! Pics!!

    Well, its been done, and overall im pleased with the result. The front is lower by 40mm, The rear is lower by 40mm aswell, stange beccause i measured it staright after it was done and the back was 50mm lower.... So i will remeasure in a week or two and seen if theres any diffrences, handling...