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  1. OLeary

    Opinions on 5 door?

    Just seen a nice 1.3 pre facelift for sale but it's a 5 door. Unsure on it, what are your opinions? Can they be made to look as good as a 3 door? And does the extra weight make much of a difference to handling & performance?
  2. OLeary

    Alto springs Lowering guide

    Hello, first of all sorry for posting yet another lowering thread. The official lowering guide seems to have disappeared and there is a lot of confusing information on lowering with Alto springs. From my understanding, you can lower your car by 50mm all round by using Suzuki alto lowering...
  3. OLeary

    Si Wheels

    Hi, has anyone got a set of K11 Si wheels that they don't want? The ones that look like this: (Not sure if that image will work)
  4. OLeary

    Should I buy a new car?

    Hello everybody, I have been the proud owner of a little 2001 1.0 K11 S with 27,000 miles on the clock for just over a year now. It was my first car and as with all first cars I love it despite it's image as a granny car. Anyway I have been working a lot over the summer and have some extra...
  5. OLeary

    Electric wing mirrors with indicators

    Ok this is pretty ambitious but I would like to fit electric wing mirrors in my 2001 K11. I have heard the wiring should already be there in the door cards? If anyone can confirm this I would appreciate it. Also have seen the Almera switch which appears to be the same as the micra one for the...
  6. OLeary

    Short circuit? Help

    So i was putting a new bulb in the interior light after the original one went out, stupidly didnt bother disconnecting the battery. As I was putting the first end of the new one in there was a spark, when I turned the ignition on the lightbstill didn't work and now the radio doesn't work either...
  7. OLeary

    15" Wheels

    Hi I currently have 14" steels on my micra with 165/60/R14 tyres but want to swap them for 15" alloys off an almera gt which have 195/60/R15 tyres on them, the car has not been lowered at all. I'm just wondering would the wheels fit without catching at all? and has anyone else got 15" wheels on...
  8. OLeary

    Does Pre facelift sppoler fit facelift

    As title states, I have seen a wrap around spoiler on a pre facelift K11 wondering if it's the same fit to my facelift I have the holes in my boot.
  9. OLeary

    Genuine K11 Alloys

    Looking for a set of genuine K11 alloys, not fussed on what model. Anyone got some for sale?
  10. OLeary

    Fog light installation issues

    So I bought some fog lights and installed them on my 2001 facelift, a few weeks later and my replacement stalk with front fogs arrives, I installed the stalk by simply disconnecting the loom from the old one and then plugging it in to the new one. However after reconnecting the battery they...
  11. OLeary

    Wanted: Facelift tailgate with spoiler

    After a tailgate with spoiler, preferrably in silver. Also does anyone know if the older facelift one (1998) with the brake light on the bottom will fit a 2001 K11C? Cheers, OLeary.