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  1. Optispart

    Help with focus

    yes it does but theres a common problem they block up the rears its all over the FFOC
  2. Optispart

    Optispart Ford Focus Blog

    ive been focusing on getting the car running in tip top condition which it now is! its taken new HT leads, Coil pack, battery, good service, new rear bearings, new disks and pads, new thermostat! PHEW! now on the way Dual exhaust, more paint new seats wind deflector under bonnet and new...
  3. Optispart

    Help with focus

    changed the thermostat so far so good!
  4. Optispart

    What to do next???

    mate i cant understand a ####in word your sayin
  5. Optispart

    Help ive put petrol in my dci URGENT

    take the battery out for a bit?
  6. Optispart

    Help with focus

    its back stupid car! :( i can hear alot of gurgling noises around the head any ideas? maybe flush the head like full system flush?
  7. Optispart


    supose im thinking on keeping the colour now
  8. Optispart

    Set of four super s mudguards (red) k11

    nex do you still want these? for a tenner
  9. Optispart

    Remember this?

    wonder how much :D
  10. Optispart


    thats a nice car pal
  11. Optispart

    North west/east/middle meetings

    rizzy do it
  12. Optispart

    Fastest 1/4 mile N/A k11?

    no one took notice of my silly post ha Faail!
  13. Optispart

    GuyH08's Red k11

    looks brilliant
  14. Optispart

    Rear washer jet not working

    hmm maybe the valve it is present?
  15. Optispart

    other forums??

    isnt it sad hating car drivers :| my mates who are keen bikers are the same its just lame
  16. Optispart

    Rear washer jet not working

    is it leaking down on the left side of the car (near rear light)