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  1. Onerous

    What MPG or miles to the tank are you getting out of your 1.2

    Hola, Long time no type, the miles per gallon on the 1.2 have dropped recently (about 100miles to the tank), beyond the usual pre oil and filter change and the winter drop. No codes being shown, no EML nothing. Car running smoothly no isses Spark plugs are nissin longlife (i think) OE spark...
  2. Onerous

    Has anyone replaced the waterpump on a k12 1.2

    Received the pump and now awaiting the coolant to arrive. The replacement pump doesn't have a gasket or o ring but is bonded with sealant, is that right? If that is right what sealant would you use?
  3. Onerous

    Anyone have experience of an airtex water pump on a 1.2

    Looks like the waterpump on the micra has a bit of play you can feel, looks like I can only get an airtex replacement with out waiting a few days. Anyone have any experience of airtex pumps?
  4. Onerous

    Is there an electronic parts catalogue for the 09/10 micra

    Hello Is there one available? Thank you
  5. Onerous

    Steering wheel fitment and wear

    Has anyone else steering wheel worn and peeling? The steering wheels seem not to be one wheel fits all. Does anyone know which steering wheels fit which car?
  6. Onerous

    Do the K13 seats fit a K12

    Thinking of upgrading the seat as I have a visia and suspect that making the driver seat adjustable may help comfort. What do people think? What seats versions are out there?
  7. Onerous

    Has anyone reset the throttle pedal position or throttle valve position?

    Using either of these methods? Timing is not as critical with this stop watch needed. Just count in your thousand, two-one thousand, etc, or use stop watch. The most critical step is step #3....wait 10 sec, instead of 7. 1. Ignition "ON", count to 3. 2...
  8. Onerous

    Do those bluetooth elm327 OBD II code readers work on a K12 Micra

    Have purchased a bluetooth ELM327 v1.5, yes it is a chinese clone, as I'd like to see more information such as coolant temperature. Having plugged the thing it it can't seem to read the ECU, but does connect to the android and windows phone. So it the micra compliant or is the dongle bad...
  9. Onerous

    Do micra k12c headlamps switch from right to left hand dip

    was wondering if the headlamps can be altered from right to left hand dip with a switch on the lamp or do I have to get the dip converters. Thanks
  10. Onerous

    What are the valve clearance for a CR12DE engine

    Hello Thinking of doing a check on the valve clearances on the micra was wondering what the figures were and any hints on tips on how to do change any of the shims if needed. Thank you
  11. Onerous

    Do all K12 micra have a pollen filter?

    Today I serviced the 09 micra, have replaced the spark plugs and air filter, both of which looked like they had not been changed for 35,000 miles! But came to replacing the pollen filter and there doesn't seem to be one. Having removed the glove box, but there doesn't seem to be a pull out...
  12. Onerous

    Hello from a micra K12 user

    Hello recently gained a K12 micra and joined up to help get information about servicing.