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  1. EnterScott

    The Outsiders - Driftworks

    If anyones got an hour and a half to waste I suggest giving this a watch, pretty good documentary on drifting in Japan! Makes me want to go visit :p
  2. EnterScott

    Matiz Set Up - MOT

    Has anyone on here that are running the daewoo matiz suspension on the front gotten away with keeping them on for MOT? I know for a fact my rears will need changed to standard :rolleyes:
  3. EnterScott

    Scottish Car Show Pictures

    Some photos I took at The Scottish Car Show yesterday.. (Excuse the relatively bad photos and bad editing, Im just a noob :P)
  4. EnterScott

    Front bumper removal

    Okay, how do you remove the front bumper? I've been taking off bolts from what I reckon is holding it on and it still isn't budging! Any help would be great :)
  5. EnterScott

    Show Plates

    Wondering if anyone on the MSC use show plates and if so what are they? :D Im planning on having some for before Scottish Car Show!
  6. EnterScott

    DIY Service

    Is servicing your car yourself instead of putting it into a garage difficult? (Giving I have little mechanical knowledge) Thinking about ordering this and giving it a go, save money plus it would be good to know how to do it...
  7. EnterScott

    Spoiler hunt

    So this on Instagram and really liking the spoiler on it Anyone know what spoiler it is? I want it :D
  8. EnterScott

    WTD Facelift Headlight Protectors

    As in the title, anyone got any lying around or know of any for sale? :) Cheers!
  9. EnterScott

    Valentines Day

    Just a little thread to big up all you lonely chaps out there today Just remember if you're feeling down today about being alone, noone loves you any other day of the year either so chin up and go treat yourself to some car parts ;)
  10. EnterScott

    Fixing arch rust help

    Looking to get my arch rust fixed for the show season coming up but not entirely sure how to go about it. Would it be sand off surface rust , some filler, smooth that off, then primer and paint? Also noob question, see respraying it, would you need to redo the full wing or just mask off the...
  11. EnterScott

    Show off your ink!

    Got a new tattoo today and thought I might aswell start a little off topic thread and the people of the forum can post up there tattoos , if they've got them ofcourse :P Heres what I got today it's the rat, got the girl a few months ago.. Building up a 'Banksy' inspired sleeve im hoping :)...
  12. EnterScott

    Bucket Seats

    Saw these on ebay and wondered if any has went for them before? Was a bit curious of them because I read on this that it was a pain in...
  13. EnterScott

    TRS Tow Strap

    Im thinking about ordering one of these (either red or orange not sure what will go well with the blue:P) But Im just wondering if they are easy enough to fit/how do you fit it , is it a direct fit or needs some modification to get it on? :) Any help would be great :)
  14. EnterScott

    Calling All PhotoShoppers!

    Ive been contemplating a black and white checkered roof on my car and I want to see what it would actually look like to see if it will look nice or im just thinking it will look nice haha Got this photo here to be used.. Greatly appreciated if someone helps me out :P
  15. EnterScott

    Machining Alloy Centers Price

    Would you lot say 20 quid a wheel to get the centers machined to size is a good price?
  16. EnterScott

    HID Headlight bulbs

    Could someone tell me or send a link from the old eBay on which HID or even just the bright beam bulbs that are road legal and fit the micra? :o Im not too sure and don't want to order a set of bulbs that don't fit or I'll get pulled over for haha Cheers! Sent from my R800i using Tapatalk 2
  17. EnterScott

    Insurance Thoughts

    Okay, I just found out that the insurance company I'm with does discounts on members of car clubs and I didnt know this beforehand Do any of you know if I phone up and say I am a club member (obviously once I actually pay to become a club member :p) it will discount my insurance from then...
  18. EnterScott

    Top Mount Nut Problem

    Did anyone else have a problem with taking the top mounts off of the front suspension? The thread just spins round with the nut that holds the mounts in place and even when you clamp the thread the nut just still wont budge? Any advice lads? :(
  19. EnterScott

    Possible members micra?

    Was have a lurk through my pictures on my phone and found this photo... Was that photo that gave me the micra bug :P I thought it was Jays at first but noticed it didn't have the banded steels! So is it a members car then? :p Sent from my R800i using Tapatalk 2
  20. EnterScott

    WTD: Micra Strut Top Mounts

    As it says in the title, mines arent coming off and theyre needed for the matiz set up Anybody? Cheers!