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  1. johnsams

    Exhaust backbox giveaway and a couple other bits

    Hi, I have an exhaust of my old 94 K11 up for grabs, it was cut off to fit a stainless steel back box which stayed on when I sold it a couple of years back. So has been sat in my garden shed for last two years, found it the other day and a few rusty bits fell out the end but apart from that...
  2. johnsams

    K&N Induction Kit K11

    specially designed to fit micra... slight damage on rear of filter where it rubber a little against the rubber on the back of the engine bay at some times... (when engine julted) but nothing that will affect performance or anything. was used for approx 3000/4000 miles so not very...
  3. johnsams

    K11 Boss Kit

    I am selling a boss that i used to fit a momo steering wheel to my micra may fit others, bought from nicknaknu so can forward questions. postage or pickup from BA21 (Yeovil, somerset) OFFERS !? bump
  4. johnsams

    momo steering wheel with momo horn

    in perfect cond. great feel, selling as the car i'm buying has airbags etc. excellent interior feature, nicer feel to handling, genuine momo. offers over £60 pickup or postage from BA21 (yeovil, somerset) thanks john
  5. johnsams

    K11 Micra 1.3

    i regret to say that i am now selling my micra, but she has done me well! i want to do some motorway travels (to France mainly) and am getting a bigger car, so here we go. you could buy the car, with the extra parts or, without the extra parts for less. heres the spec without add-ons...
  6. johnsams

    New Car

    my micra is reaching a mileage and age where modding is quite pointless. (118000/k11/94/1.3) so my eyes are open for a new car, micra or not, not really sure. so if anyone is selling (preferably in the SW) please let me know. i'm open to any suggestions. my car may also be either up for sale...
  7. johnsams

    Cheap Exhaust Manifold Repair Solution

    i thought of a cheaper solution of repairing the crack in my exhaust manifold by using this wrap from nimbus motorsports accompanied by this i am rather...
  8. johnsams


    I hope this isn't from the club, saw it on barryboys A prime example of why not to cover a micra in decals and stickers, apart fromt hat i reckon it would be a real cracker! really winds me up when people ruin their cars with stupid graphics. what does everyone else think...
  9. johnsams

    CV Joint gaiter

    the cv joint gaiter is broke on the driver side of my k11,just noticed earlier. how will this affect the drive of my car and is it urgent to get a new cv joint or just a gaiter replaced? thanks alot
  10. johnsams

    Pass Plus

    i did it this wednesday all in one go , just really easy but a boring 6 hour drive but mostly on motorways. it cost me £120 but i'm getting £60 back from somerset council by going to a free 2 hour "interactive workshop on attitudes and behaviour" which in my eyes has to be worth £60...
  11. johnsams

    K11 idle

    was coming home with a couple of people in the car stuck in traffic and the car just stalled if i stopped accelerating so had to keep revving a little does anyone know why that happens? cheers
  12. johnsams

    How To Fit A Strrering Wheel And Boss

    can anyone help me with this? please! then i can give it a shot and make a guide hopefully! received my momo wheel from nicknaknu today! thanks mate! (sorry about the bad spelling on title!!only just realised)
  13. johnsams

    k11 prefacelift heater controls

    k11 prefacelift heater control unit for sale £20 posted. £15 collected i will accept paypal, cheque or cash on collection thanks
  14. johnsams

    Heater Controls

    just bought some more off ebay as mine only work full blast or nothing! anyone else had this problem? so i started bidding on one at 9.50 earlier and won kinda by accident as i meant to check it out on here 1st. will changing it sort the problem...
  15. johnsams

    Rev counter?

    where can i get one for my k11 (expensive?)and how do i fit it? thanks
  16. johnsams

    breaks locking

    the breaks seem to lock quite easily rather than slowing down quickly it just skids everywhere, anyway to stop this and improve the handling? thanks john
  17. johnsams

    Springs & Strut Brace

    i am looking for uprated lowering springs and a strut brace, anyone got any? i am looking for as cheap as possible as cash is rather short atm. thanks
  18. johnsams

    K10 SuperS going cheap on ebay looks alrite. sorry if someone already noticed it!
  19. johnsams

    Painting Day!

    today i resprayed over a massive scratch and resprayed some of the interior parts back, and managed to get the break drums done as well! PICTURES! the original damage i think the drums came out real nice, but the door cards will need doing...
  20. johnsams

    Need Advice For Window Tint

    i have the tint for the 3 back windows, but i've heard its a tricky job and seems tricky too... but i've been quoted around £100 to get it put on so i thought i should probably do it myself... any tips for this would be more than welcome unless anyone can do it for cheaper which would...