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  1. 1.3GX

    nismo spoiler on ebay

    just thought i'd throw this up on here if anyone is looking for one seems more a reasonable price than that japandyno guy LOL
  2. 1.3GX

    Boss kit

    To suit my 97 k11 with airbag, let me know what you have (Y)
  3. 1.3GX

    WANTED: K11 Super S/Sr front bumper brackets.

    looking for both super s/sr front bumper brackets, must be willing to post to ireland, can pay by paypal... (Y)
  4. 1.3GX

    FS: 97 1.0 GX in Ireland.

    Its my girlfriends car, she's selling it because she never uses the thing :p tested until october, tax just out, 60k miles, new cd player, brake pads just done. she wants €750ono.
  5. 1.3GX

    K-Sport Coilovers K11

    Just really gauging interest on my coilovers, cash is a bit tight at the moment so just trying to see if i can make up some funds to pay back a loan, coilovers have covered by me approx 4000k i bought these off anto modded and he told me he'd only covered 200 miles, and judging by the condition...
  6. 1.3GX

    Sunroof visor/ wind deflector

    looking for one of these visors same as the one on this k11 (Y)
  7. 1.3GX

    quick rear light question

    will the rear lights from a second facelift (00-02) k11 fit a pre-facelift without having to modify anything at all?
  8. 1.3GX

    CG13DE Manifold Gaskets

    Anyone got any for sale?
  9. 1.3GX

    k11 indicator relay (flasher unit)

    can anyone tell me exactly where its located?
  10. 1.3GX

    JDM Option Spoiler

    Top Spoiler, same as one in this picture... The one i have is in black (KH3) i think? Offers.
  11. 1.3GX

    Smoked Rear Lights (LHD)

    Got these off ebay a while back fitted them to my car and it turned out they were for a LHD (Fog light and Reverse lights are mixed up) This could probably be sorted out easy enough, I just couldn't be bothered cutting up wires lol (Y) They are for Pre-facelift models. Offers.
  12. 1.3GX

    exhuast question

    test is due on my car and im wondering will and exhaust from a 1.0 5 door fit on my 1.3 3 door, without any fuss as i have one sitting in my garden and im a bit broke to be going buying a new one
  13. 1.3GX

    Wooden effect dash console

    to fit prefacelift k11, girlfriend wants one for her k11 i think they are fugly but ya cant tel these women folk.
  14. 1.3GX


    probably seems dumb to be asking this but im not sure, does your oil comsumption increase in the winter its just that lately i seem to be getting the smell of oil and my oil levels have dropped a bit in the last few weeks, when i say i can smell it its not burning oil its like you would smell it...
  15. 1.3GX

    Lucky or what?
  16. 1.3GX

    Well Chuffed

    i just picked up a set of Nismo shocks and springs like new for 100 quid the fella i got them said his dad imported a march with only 40k kilometers on the clock but took them out because it was too low haha
  17. 1.3GX

    march box for sale over here hahaha i could never imagine driving one of them
  18. 1.3GX

    Wiper problems

    my girlfriend just picked up her new k11, but there is only one problem with the car... the wipers dont work on the first setting but perfectly fine on the rest, what could the problem be?
  19. 1.3GX

    Nismo Engine Mounts

    cash waiting for all mounts.
  20. 1.3GX

    what to do?

    My girlfriend somehow managed to lose the nats chip out of her key (she dropped them) dont ask me how this happened im still just as puzzled lol anywho since we have no key for the car now what the better option, go to nissan and get them to make a new chip - how much does this cost? or go...