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  1. Squizza

    Excited... return of my old daily!

    Hi guys/gals, Finally managed a way of getting into the seat of a micra again, belly has fixed and returned to stock my old micra I pick her up tomorra :D :D:D Better still the french messy lump is going, cheers to belly too... so belly is all in all a saviour! :p How ever I can see that...
  2. Squizza

    Advice on buying K10???

    Hi guys, I fell in love with a red 1.0 K11, polished and modded it then the gasket went, belly as now got her and fixing her upto standard. Look at my blog Squirrel's K11. So now in ownership of a 1.9dci megane and hating it, I've decided to get a new cheap and cheerful car, BUT found this...
  3. Squizza

    K11 needs to go!!!

    Hi peeps, new post, needs new rocker cover seal, head gasket and and good clean of internals and a new drivers headlight, very tidy for age ideally a new crossmember and underseal to protect... brakes all fixed up, lowered 80mm on back 60mm front, peter lloyd cat back and ashley manifold...
  4. Squizza

    K11 Very Tidy, Engine Gone.

    Hi peeps, EDIT: Had a mechanic minded mate look at this not as bad as first thought, even more heartache for me as it would be such a easy fix (rocker cover sea, head gasket and a good clean) so a new engine shouldn't be needed! ANY OFFERS CONSIDERED needs to go, curently got 5months MOT and...
  5. Squizza

    1.0 Rebuild

    Hi, Recently had another disaster, my engine has started to die, most probably due to my own lack of knowledge and how I've being running certain mods, and to add altho its now only got 42500 on clock I have no history and done stupid amounts of mileage recently. So if I was to rebuild and...
  6. Squizza

    K11 Interesting Headlights

    Hi, So my flyeyed headlights are seriously inpracticle, however they are good for smashed headlights, they hold them together ya see ;) So yeah smashed my headlight and need some new ones, this time a little more interesting than stock and a little more practicle than flyeyes... so anyone got...
  7. Squizza

    Smallest Tyre Legally and Safely for a Wheel??

    Hi, Just me again! :p Just bought some new wheels for when the better weather eventually sorta reunites us again (wishful thinking eh?), so the 12" Ultralites must go! However here's the question my new wheels will fit, but a little better with smaller tyres... so what is as the title says the...
  8. Squizza

    Decision Made - 12" Ultralites for sale

    Hi, I have made my mind up now, 12" Ultralites in good condition very minor marks and kerbing, ask if you want piks I'll email them private or if I get time post on here... 2 tires almost on legal limit, swap fronts to backs or buy new, falkens are £45 each for these. I'm putting a starting...
  9. Squizza

    Swap - 12" Ultralites up for grabs!

    Hi, Finally made my mind up the 12" ultralites are going, due to lows I can only put on wheels upto 13" 175wide, but with that in mind anyone got anything interesting??? £180 valued at or near, will ideally need two new tires which for falkens are £45 each. Anypiks required just ask I'll email...
  10. Squizza

    1.0 N/A micras... power increase notes.

    Hi, gonna try this could be a fail or success, I'm pretty getting to point that altho I love my micra and would cry to see her go, I'm wanting to let go. Also there's bits of info here, there and everywhere. I'm a noob I admit, but how would peeps feel posting on here all performance n/a mods...
  11. Squizza

    Semi-Facelift Inspiration - Factory Rev Wiring???

    Hi peeps, I have a 1999 plate inspiration semi facelift, just wondering if the wiring is already there for a rev counter or no such luck??? Cheers. Luke
  12. Squizza

    Until Wednesday 12" Ultralites for Sale!

    Just me again hahaha £175 collection starting point, will accept offers! Very Light Scuffs on 3 of 4... Good tyres Falkens and one Zileder or something similar to that name :p Seen some 13" superlites and need these gone to buy others, soooo anyone??? Cheers, Luke
  13. Squizza

    Any Interest, Swap??? 12" Ultralites and bits

    Hi peeps, Utter crazy thought, not too sure why I'm thinking this but here goes! :p Bearing in mind these owe me the stupid amount of £350-400, is anyone interested in doing a swap and some cash my way for 4 good condition, very light scuffed 12" 165 wide Ultralites with 2custom spacers, 2...
  14. Squizza

    Aftermarket Rev Counter

    Hi peeps, Just in process of getting a delimited dizzy, so maybe a good idea to get a rev counter! Had a look on K11's DIY section, shouldn't be too difficult If I'm lucky enough it might even have wiring already there not! :p Anyhow back to the point I'm wondering if anyone has one going...
  15. Squizza

    27th Oct - Hull

    Hi peeps, Think there's another meet in town but for now just arranging it for a micra meet 7pm til 10pm in hull upto 6 micras already interested, so if here it is, if your interested head up or down or across :D we'll be meetin at Kingswood Macky D's at 7pm :) Cheers, Luke
  16. Squizza

    'Y' Shaped Silicone Hosing???

    Hi Peeps, Hope no-one is gonna shoot me however I'm trying to replicate the 250bhp White K11 micra with the twin air vents and square reg, however I will be linking the two vents up to my GA16 Airbox... To aid this a 'Y' Shaped Silcone Pipe would be of great benefit, is there such thing and...
  17. Squizza

    North East Meet - Awesome!

    Hi Guys and Gals, My piks are appauling qaulity so not posting any :p ...however would just love to say cheers was a good meet with the other 4micras that attended, CHEERS PEEPS!!!! :D Luke
  18. Squizza

    *Urgent* 3dr bench to 5dr split level seats!

    Hi guys, Trying to fit some 5dr rear split level seats to my 3dr inspiration which standard has one piece bench rear seats! Adapted brackets to fit larger bolts, and there all fastened tightly, however the split part is not solid and moves alot... help anyone??? any piks too study??? Cheers, Luke
  19. Squizza

    Oil Dipstick Alternatives???

    Hi Guys and gals, Had my Ashley 4-2-1 Mani and Peter lloyd cat back on for a couple of week and settling nicely... however as always there's a problem! My Plastic Standard Dipstick is well melting, and metal alternatives??? Cheers, Luke
  20. Squizza

    Any Supercharged Micra's????

    Hi Peeps, Probs a long way of however I would like to read up on this like nearest installers to me, rough prices and other simple snippets of info??? ...probs have to be a many thousand-aire but still interests me! Oh and to add weather I'm crazy or not I have a 99 CG10 :p Cheers Luke