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    Brake light wiring issue k11 facelift

    I'd change the bulb first and foremost. The bulb electrode can be broken and move enough to make contact briefly and make a circuit again and light up. Kinda like sparking and temporarily welding itself together again. If that doesn't solve it, check where he bulb sits. The contacts should be...
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    A new clutch will always feel nice and light. As long as the clutch pedal can get depressed and disengages the engine and box and all gears slot in and drive, you should be fine. I've had taxi drivers say with a new clutch they can do 14 hrs of driving without feeling tired, whereas they'd get...
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    Cga3 into cg10de coilpack

    Hello everyone. I have a 2002 cg10de coilpack and have sourced a cga3 engine. I understand it will fit the cg10de gearbox and work with current t standard ECU. Will the alternator and starter and throttle bits work from cg10 or do I need to get the cga3 parts and use them. Thank you for your...
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    Snapped bolts on rear bumper reinforcement bar

    Hello mate, I'd heat it with an oxy-acetylene torch and give it a whack. That should loosen it. I'd support it with a u channel so it doesn't crumple or bend. The easier way would be to grind it flush and then drill the centre out, the rest will get knocked out easily. It looks like it's...
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    2002 k11 1.0 built to 1.3

    So the 1.4 ecu is what I would need, until forced Induction. In which case a tuneable ecu? Anybody know which one?
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    2002 k11 1.0 built to 1.3

    Perfect. Thank you. I'll get searching.
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    2002 k11 1.0 built to 1.3

    So it's be a mix of my cg10 with crank, con and pistons from cg13 and the cams and the ecu from a 1.4? If I get the nistune ecu, can I use that for different engines? As in for a 1.0 and the 1.3? Apologies for so many questions
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    2002 k11 1.0 built to 1.3

    Hello all, first time poster here. I have a spare 1.0 coilpack engine which is like to make a 1.3 out of, to eventually turbo. Is it essentially a case of getting an engineering company to bore the block and install bigger pistons? Is the rest the same, ie crank and rods and head? Any help is...