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  1. VeX7

    Dash removal

    can somebody plz put some pictures of micra's interior without dash? i'd have to take mine off 'cause something is banging underneath it, it's kinda loud and annoying.. any suggestions what that might be, approx in the middle of dash, above the heater? thx in advance! ;)
  2. VeX7

    K10 Fuel consumption

    sorry for posting in your topic, I was just wondering, what is the reserve tank capacity in K10? how many liters are there?
  3. VeX7

    K10 manual pdf

    Source 1: Source 2:!download|256p1|64211243|Nissan_Micra_K10_Service_Manual.rar|52853|R~8C14DAEFE07BB9EB2D92221C51C70065|0|0 I think...
  4. VeX7

    Nissan Micra K10 - tyre pressure

    I wouldn't agree with you, some cars have that info. on the inner side of fuel cap - vauxhall astra for example. Thanks anyway, think I'll stick with my 2.1bar!
  5. VeX7

    Nissan Micra K10 - tyre pressure

    yeah.. but problem is I don't have that sticker, nowhere.. neither on doors, neither on fuel cap.. :(
  6. VeX7

    Nissan Micra K10 - tyre pressure

    Hi, I have a question about tyre pressure on Micra K10 '91, 1.0. Mine Micra has original wheels with Michelin Energy tires, 155/70 R13. I was wondering, what is recommended tyre pressure for that size? Tried to find that information in car manual and on the internet, but wasn't lucky.. I...