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  1. davedaveld

    Broken window

    Hi all, Some little scrote has broken my passenger side window I've got a replacement bit before I take everything to bits is there any advice from you guys.
  2. davedaveld

    selling parts for k11 facelift

    1. 40mm FK lowering springs never used £80 ono 2. set of 4 black alloys they were silver oz racing ones but i had them spayed black all got above legal tred comes with locking nuts £100 ono 3. SI dials with 95178 and blue leds behind looks good £40 ono 4. Richmond gear knob £5...
  3. davedaveld

    t sport yaris

    Wanted a t sport yaris on or around £2000
  4. davedaveld

    deleteing threads

    Got a thread up and want to delete it how do I do it
  5. davedaveld

    selling my k11 red celebration

    Hi all selling my k11 2000 im going mot it going to sell it with a set of steelys a set of fk 40mm lowering springs off the car not selling just yet ill put some photos on tomorrow or look at my profile for pics and ill put more details on tomorrow looking at £800 ono
  6. davedaveld

    brake problems

    yesterday when i was coming home from work i noticed a grinding sound from the front drivers side brakejust taken the wheel of and at the back of the brake disc there is a rough grove had a look at the other side and there could be one stating there too feels like a grove but not rough any ideas...
  7. davedaveld

    thinking of selling the micra :|

    Hi guys looking to sell my micra maybe next year hopefuly earlyer to get a toyota yaris 1.5 sport 2003 but not sure on how much to sell it for ill be selling it with 4 steelys and with a set of 40mm fk springs not fitted though, £700 sound about right?
  8. davedaveld

    coca cola gear knob

    up and wondered about a coke theam after she had seen a coke bottle gear knob in a fast car mag which I liked but wanted a mini coke can one instead so finaly after my rambling any ideas how I can do it, ive thought of drilling the bottem some how fixing a nut to it (although I think they are...
  9. davedaveld

    should i

    Should I take the black strips off of the side of the car or would that make it look daft any links to picks would be grate
  10. davedaveld


    Look at that beast just put that on today si dials thanks to micramike with blue LEDs behind ill update you with the next mods
  11. davedaveld


    Hi ive just put in some new dials from a 1.3 si is there any way of changeing the mileage to what ive actualy done there digital clocks by the way thanks
  12. davedaveld

    steering squeal

    I have a lot of squealing from my steering but only when I start up and steer as soon as my engine warns just a little bit it stops but is quite loud any ideas how to stop it
  13. davedaveld


    Just a update on the micra things ive done 1. fitted alloys 2. 2 extra fogs on the front 3. painted the console thingy red CD player blue LEDs in the dash 4. fitted HIDs and got my self a nice little "insane" badge for the front things yet to do !everything! oh and put this...
  14. davedaveld


    Hi all can you fit sr clocks to a 1.0 facelift k11 the celabration model just need to double check before I make a purchase
  15. davedaveld

    paint remover

    Hi guys been spraying my rear brake lights with black lense paint but not noticed that I have over sprayed abit tried white spirit that didnt shift it any ideas would be much appreciated thanks
  16. davedaveld

    bad boy bonnet

    Dose any one do the bad boy bonnets for facelift micras seen lots of pre face lift not too many facelift I would like to see a pick to if any one offers to do me one give me a price and ill see what I can do
  17. davedaveld


    Ive seen a micra in barnsley monk bretton its got micra sports club on the side its very nice just wondered who it was
  18. davedaveld

    bucket seats

    I was looking at some bucket seats on the tint I was just wondering can I get any or is there a special type ive got to get so I will fit properly thanks
  19. davedaveld

    fitting springs

    Hi all ive got some 40mm lowering springs and I heard that they are difficult to fit any tips
  20. davedaveld

    performance parts

    Hi ive got a 1.0 and its starting to annoy me how slow it is so I want to start planning some mods I can do to my car I was thinking a 1.6, de cat ,421maybe a turbo something like that but I have no idea whats involved or how much money it will cost so I am just asking what you guys think esp...