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  1. J€Di

    FS: K11 parcel shelf with Infinity Reference 9633 6x9 speakers

    As title, standard Nissan parcel shelf from a 2001 model K11 Active fitted with Infinity Reference 9633 6x9 three way coaxial speakers. Speakers are bolted through the shelf with black plated M4 bolts and stainless steel washers and nuts for a solid mount into the thick plastic parcel shelf -...
  2. J€Di

    Is it okay to sell something K11 related in this section?

    As title, just wanted to check this isn't against forum rules before I put a listing up. Cheers J€Di
  3. J€Di

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Cleaned it, and added a sticker...
  4. J€Di

    fitments help please :)

    This thread has a list of component speakers that will fit without adapters...
  5. J€Di

    Marks Micra

    Sorted mate, nice looking Micra!
  6. J€Di

    Marks Micra

    Can't see the images mate?
  7. J€Di

    windscreen replacement quotes

    For my K11 Facelift I was told that a new screen fitted by Autoglass would be £320, luckily I'm fully comp so it was £50 with no hit on NCB. Mine was caused by a stone chip that just grew... and grew... and grew...
  8. J€Di

    Air Pipe from Air Box

    Wasn't sure about recommending that in case the same circuit went on to cool something else, but you know your Micras better than me!
  9. J€Di

    Air Pipe from Air Box

    The biggest change to the air temperature would be to bypass the throttle body heating system. Currently engine coolant is passed through the TB to help with cold starting, great on a cold frosty morning but once the engine is up to temperature you're still getting a flow of 90°C water through...
  10. J€Di

    Nissan Micra 2001 Aerial Replacement

    You need to replace the whole part and that involves getting the roof liner down so that you can get to the mounting bolt. Couldn't find an actual Micra aerial base, but there's plenty of universal ones for about £7...
  11. J€Di

    N00b saying hi!

    Hi all, Just thought I'd come say hi as my girlfriend is the proud owner of a Y reg Nissan Micra Activ, a K11 facelift that looks like this... 81,000 miles, full service history from new, absolutely nothing at all wrong with it, and she paid £1,200 with a years warranty, tax and MOT...
  12. J€Di

    How to: Remove Speakers on a K11 S

    A quick update... Bought a set of JBL GTO628 6.5" 2 way speakers from Halfords on special offer - £26 instead of £60! - and set about fitting them today. As they have a mounting depth of 52mm they dropped straight in with no spacers needed. The guide above is spot on, however if you have...
  13. J€Di

    Shallow mount speakers that don't need spacers.

    Hi, please add JBL GTO 628 to the list, they have a 52mm mounting depth so certainly fit in the K11.
  14. J€Di

    How to: Remove Speakers on a K11 S

    Excellent guide, thank you! Just wanted to add to it - my head unit came with a cage to slot into the dash, and I fitted that into the removed dash panel. It's a snug fit but went in perfectly, and once the cage tabs were bent out it's held totally securely in place. My radio then locks into...