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  1. yorkiesteve

    CV Joint replacement

    So after only 20 years, and 220000 kilometres it would seem my cv's have decided to ware haha. They have been getting progressively more vocal over the last couple of months while I procrastinated over actually getting round to buying new joints. I found some on Ebay that seemed...
  2. yorkiesteve

    Air conditioning installation.

    Hi all So the other week I managed to acquire the last few pieces of a complete A/C system and set about fitting it to my K11 LX. Maybe not an essential upgrade in the UK, but definitely nice to have here in Oz on those warmer summer days. Over here we got three versions of...
  3. yorkiesteve


    Hello to all from sunny oz, my name is Steve, I am a Brit but have lived in oz for the last 13 years, married to the beautiful stephanie ( yea with our names it gets confusing sometimes, especially with the mail lol) and for the last few years I have been getting around in a very beat up old...