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  1. Antony

    How much interest would there be. Tommy kaira

    Hiw much would someone be willing to pay for a set of genuine tommy kaira bumpers for the k11?? Seeing if its worth me importing them. Theyre the ones you get in the k11 model kit. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. Antony


    It is with a broken heart i am to announce that my sweet baby girl Alice Michelle Margaret Aiken was born sleeping on saturday at 11.45pm. My wife and i are broken beyond measure and are trying to function as normally as we can. Thank you. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  3. Antony

    what would you pay for this? impul GT

    right, im after a rough estimate on what you guys would consider this car to be worth. its a 2002 impul skyline 350 gt-8 3.5l v6 350z engine leather aircon leccy seats full bose stereo imacculate underneath KYB impul factory shocks impul wheels only 62000 miles pearl white paint 4 doors 5 seats...
  4. Antony

    Just cost me £2100 for a clutch Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  5. Antony

    Body panels

    Right i need. Preface k11 wings Bonnet Grille (early if possible) In white would be preferred. Money waiting. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  6. Antony

    Msc tapatalk issues

    Just noticed whilst browsing old posts... and some new ones... tapatalk is re creating the last post and replacing the op's first page. All the info for the first page is missing.. Must be a coding error as its happening a lot. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  7. Antony

    184mm race spec flywheels If anyones interested.... Cyber monday too. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. Antony

    Antony's sr20 bild fred.

    Well it was suggested to me. So.. Hi. I bought franks white turbo beast a while back now. And enjoyed the cg13 turbo annihilation machine. Right up until it blowed up. So that day i decided to purchase an sr20... just cos. Its still sat in my garden waiting to be sold... because.... The...
  9. Antony

    Sr20 1994 pinouts and 1994 k11 pinouts

    Anyone got any idea which ecu will be best for the p10 sr20 redtop engine? Weather or not the ecu and chip is all I need or does the primera have the nats ecu like the k11? What similarities do the plugs have for ecu? What about sensors ? Are the plugs the same? How much of the k11 loom is...
  10. Antony

    Evo + micra = OMG Evo + micra = OMG From my friends at the mlr.
  11. Antony

    Piston options for high compression

    I know I know..... Cg10 on cg13...... But.... I need exacts... Bore 71mm? Wrist pin 18mm? Ok, so Cbr900rr fireblade pistons, Zzr1100 +2mm Any other pistons that will give very very high compression? I'm talking motorbike high... 14:1 etc. Also, Frank..Lol....... Valves, buckets and...
  12. Antony

    Why has nobody else done this before?

    Firstly I'm an engineer, and I can't really figure out why this hasn't been done. Take a look online and there are some poor attempts at this job, but nothing like what I'm thinking of. Here goes. Brake fluid cooling radiator or cooling fins for the reservoir. Think about it. Usually the...
  13. Antony

    NSFW post your idea of the perfect woman

    Or man depending on your preference (@ Chris) Here's the rules. They must be knowingly over 18 years old. They must Be steaming Hot No nudes for obvious forum reasons They must not be related to you. Lol Thread idea stolen from another forum. GO! Here's a few for starters
  14. Antony

    Genuine nismo head gaskets

    For £120.44 delivered!!! Came across them whilst looking for a head gasket for mine. Metal multi layered steel 0.7mm Raises cr to 9.5:1 (according to nismo) [emoji4]
  15. Antony

    I'm batch biccies!!

    Or something like that. Right here goes, I've been officially micra less since mid 2012. And I couldn't stand it any more. The truth is, owning an evo 8 is all well and good but, try to go to a friendly meet and you're always upstaged or made to look cheap. Or worse, they organise meets at...
  16. Antony

    Roll cages for £8 a month.

    Yup. Stumbled across a competition site selling various types of roll cage from bolt in rear half cages to full on 17point FIA spec race cages for the k11 micra from £8.06 a month. The 17 point cage was about £30 a month in t45 steel, and available in cds too. Now I don't condone debts and...
  17. Antony

    Engine bay dimensions

    WeLl I've not even seen frank since the msc kart meeting in 2007/8 ish, but. And it's a big one. I would like to know the dimensions of the micra engine bay for a future mod/swap that has never been attempted before anywhere in the world. I can get ahold of a 200bhp 2.5l mazda v6 for about...
  18. Antony

    I need k11 goodness.

    I am sorry if I'm in the wrong place... I'm new here ( as if) You have a duty to furnish me with my second micra. I need a k11 in my life. Never wanted one so bad before. It's itching me to death (might be the pain Killers)[emoji4] So here's the criteria. No rust. 3door Driveable...
  19. Antony

    Antony's evo thread.

    Well, I've had it a year so I thought I'd share it with you. Bought my Black Evo 8 260 model 55 plate last November for £8k with 43000 on the clock. Was love at first sight. All it needed was a wash. So I got it back home and cleaned her.. It was then time to sort out the looks...
  20. Antony

    Gsxr 750 cylinder head on cg13 block.

    Been looking more and more interesting. I need technical specs on both to be honest. Probably get a piston too (same bore as the cg) and a cg and gsxr head gaskets to compare. But it looks promising. The head is even chain driven too. I'm actually excited. The 1997 srad gsxr 750 engine is...