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  1. james betley

    sorry i havent been on here in a while been busy the lovey car is now off the road i am now...

    sorry i havent been on here in a while been busy the lovey car is now off the road i am now driving a hyundai coupe se 2001 nice car
  2. james betley

    wanted a k10 engine

    i am after a 1.0 k10 engine for my car MA10 the piston rings mite have gone the oil light did not come on and no oil in the sump :down: :down:
  3. james betley

    Just a hello

    welcome to the club
  4. james betley

    Little update and pics...

    now thats looks good keep it up
  5. james betley

    K10 Super S Interior + Bodykit

    got pictures of the kit
  6. james betley

    K10 parts

    how much for the bonnet
  7. james betley

    lowering ??

    i used on mine monroe gas shocks and spax springs and my ride is stiffer
  8. james betley

    K10 Suspension Top Mounts?

    they will fit the springs i used the standard ones on when i lowered mine i replaced shocks and springs
  9. james betley

    New member,New Micra Owner

    welcome to the club panda
  10. james betley

    car show

    i am going 4 both weekends camping as well
  11. james betley

    hello everybody

    welcome to the club
  12. james betley

    car show

    oh rite who is going
  13. james betley

    car show

    is their any one going on here at all
  14. james betley

    scrapyard find

    the one next 2 it front and rearend has a lot of damage on ot
  15. james betley

    scrapyard find

    bumpa got a scuff on them but not much
  16. james betley

    scrapyard find

    i nice mint k11 in scrapyard in lincoln
  17. james betley

    hiya, be gentle please

    welcome to the club
  18. james betley

    Stainless manifolds group buy!

    i just had a custom exhaust done by aero exhaust and he is good
  19. james betley

    kit car show

    their is a kit car show on the 3 and 4 may at stoneleigh anyone interested i will be their
  20. james betley

    Group buy, boot poppers/door poppers

    i will need three of them please