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  1. Nis

    K12 pollen filter location?

    Hi. Does anyone know where the pollen filter fits on a K12 with auto air-conditioning? Ivan
  2. B

    k12 pollen filter

    hi i have a brand new k12 pollen filter and i am open to any offfers as it is not needed anymore.
  3. C

    K12 micra pollen filter

    Hi all, I am the happy owner of a K12 micra 1.5 dci without Air conditioning (year 2004). I decided it would be a good idea to swap the pollen filter over the holidays. After removing the glove box and looking in the expected location, all I could find was a sealed housing which was impossible...
  4. Fordy

    K12 Pollen Filter

    forsale NEW k12 pollen filter box is a bit taty Price - £10 including postage. £8 if collected Payment - Paypal or Cash on collection
  5. M

    Cabin pollen filter

    i have a 2003 k12 Micra without air con Will this model have a pollen filter that needs changing Didn't want to strip the glovebox and trim to find it doesn't have one Curiosity got the better of me so I had to take a look. The early 2003 k12 Micra without air con does not have a pollen...
  6. H

    K12 - Pollen Filters?!

    Went to change my pollen/cabin filter.... only to find i dont have one?! Someone explain, i assumed all models had them
  7. Onerous

    Do all K12 micra have a pollen filter?

    Today I serviced the 09 micra, have replaced the spark plugs and air filter, both of which looked like they had not been changed for 35,000 miles! But came to replacing the pollen filter and there doesn't seem to be one. Having removed the glove box, but there doesn't seem to be a pull out...
  8. Z

    K12, 53 reg micra - glovebox

    I would like to remove the glovebox in order to replace the pollen filter. I have removed 7 screws so far in and around the glovebox but it is not coming out. Something is still holding it. How do I remove it? Thanks.
  9. R

    K12 changes its specs...

    Well Nissan have now changed the K12's specs, gone are the E, S, SE, SVE 160SR etc... Nissan have simplified the range on offer and have come up with the following, hope it helps for those looking for a new K12... Initia Front and Side Airbags ABS with Brake assist and EBD Rear Sliding...
  10. B

    Pollen Filter

    Great links plmval thank you. Looking at the pictures in some of the links I now know my K12 does not have a pollen filter, the plastic moulding clearly shows the space a pollen filter would fit if the recessed hole had not been filled in by plastic when it was formed. Having just bought the...
  11. P

    Pollen Filter

    Paper Filter Chase? Further research suggests not all k12 models had pollen filters O/E and also some may have been removed by previous owners? Referance;
  12. P

    Pollen Filter

    How to change k12 pollen filter removal/replace Video walk through. Many others available. Enjoy!
  13. Mika The Finn

    Changing cabin filter

    NISSAN MICRA K12 How to Cabin Air Filter replacement Cabin filter change']If you vehicle even has pollen filter, not all Micras have it![/URL] NISSAN MICRA K12 How to Cabin Air Filter replacement Cabin filter change
  14. Immy

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Serviced Toady the k12 ntec diesel! oil oil filter air filter pollen filter I always have to fight the oil filter, i always hand tighten yet it's flippin solid when i try to take it off! Very limited access, so i go in from above after removing air intake pipe and a breather pipe. This then...
  15. B

    Pollen Filter

    Thanks for the feedback plmval, the video shows this for a left hand drive car and mine is a right hand drive, I am not sure if that is important. I looked at both sides of the heater housing at the place the video shows and neither has any kind of detachable cover similar to that in the video...
  16. John_D

    Changing cabin filter

    That was what I was going to say Mika, no aircon, no cabin filter.........this would appear to be the case here.
  17. K

    Heater box removal

    It's not an aircon car so has no pollen filter, that's what I was hoping for so the heater has to come out and possibly be replaced, they are cheep to buy. Hope someone has removed one and can point me in the right direction to removing it.
  18. G

    Horrible Smell through vents when using Outside air not Inside

    Hi guys, Really hope you might be able to help me. I have recently got my partner a 2007 Micra K12 1.2. When the vents are on outside air source the car really stinks. I am not entirely sure what the smell is or how to describe it apart from maybe a musty cheesy pongy sensation. This issue is...
  19. P

    Pollen Filter

    Quote; "Having just bought the car last Friday including all the old invoices, I thought there was one as the last garage has been charging the previous owner for it". I call it the “Sun Service” On handover they ask you if there are any problems, if not and the oil is clean on the dipstick...
  20. Jen319

    Poor MPG

    I find that my MPG suffers at this time of year ...engine takes longer to warm up and you've got the blowers going hot all the time..I guess that could possibly be part of it? I'm not sure about the clutch/gear changing being clunky? might be an idea to have that looked at if it's worrying...