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    What Have I found That Is Not Plugged In

    Hello all, I was poking around my engine when my eye was drawn to a plug just hanging not connected to anything. I found it hanging half way down the engine, at the back below the inlet manifold to the Right hand (Drivers) side. Here are some pictures (First one is where is from the...
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    MAF sensor

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could answer me a question, I have a 2001 Micra 1.0L 16valve, only been with me a week or so. Anyway it was rather hesitant under full throttle, and upon research it turned out that the MAF sensor may be at fault. So in my infinite wisdom I decided to...
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    No Wipers On My New Beast

    Hey ya, Its been a while since I've been on here, I recently procured a new 51 plate Nissan Micra K11 1.0 Litre 16valve jobby. Anyway the problem I have is there are no wipers at all, except the rear. I have checked the fuse and its fine, my next port of call i thought is the relay...
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    Has the Snow Killed my Micra's ignition?

    Right hello, I have a 1987 K10 1.0 MA10 Nissan Micra, I have been driving it for years, and from this discovered that it is essentially bomb proof! But when we had the snow back in January, it started to suffer a bit, but i still used it until finally one snowey evening, it fired up for a...
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    Carb Change

    Hiya, Im a mini Man, and have worked With HS carbs, and was wondering if the Micra 1.0 K10 will take an HS4 or HS2 Carb or even twin carbs!!:grinning: Is it an easy swap and is there any reliability increase or performance increase
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    Help!!! Putting Speakers in a K10!!

    Hello, I am by no expert at car audio, but i have a good amount of common sense. Yet even after reading posts about this topic, i'am having severe difficulties installing some 13" Alpine speakers into the Door panel of my "87 reg Micra. I have taken some photos (links at the bottom) in...
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    Micra DX???

    I saw in a car park a Nissan Micra K10 with DX as the model! I didnt remember seeing that anywere on the list of models on the pinned thread. So could someone tell me what the DX model has comapred to the other models. is IT RARE??
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    K10 Serious problems?

    I have an E Reg 1Litre GSX micra,with 51K on teh clock, and ive been experiencing a few problems. Before i Start i would like to state that i have Replaced the HT leads and the Spark Plugs. The car is currently not ticking over\idling correctly, its being doing this for a while now and has...