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  1. J4m3s

    In the market for some k12 Sport Wheels

    Hi Guys, I am in the market for some K12 sports wheels to fit on my visia, I believe the dimensions are 4X100mill i was wondering if anyone had any spares i could come and buy? Thanks J4m3s
  2. J4m3s

    Nissan wheels/tyres

    Hi all. Got probably a really weird ask. So basically my lovely Micra is on the stock tyres/wheels (165/70/r14) I think they just look a bit strange, plus because the wall is so big and the profile is small it doesn't handle very well. I was wondering if anyone has fitted 195/45/r16 tyres to it...
  3. J4m3s


    Hi all, Might be a stupid question but kinda new to changing parts of my car, I've got an 09 Micra visa which currently is running on what I think are super thin tyres think they are 165. Was wondering if anyone has changed their tyres to wider ones and if it would impact performance or...
  4. J4m3s

    2009 Micra random engine pipe.

    Hi all hope someone can help, I've been looking under my bonnet today and found a random pipe and I'm honestly not to sure what it's for, cars been feeling down on power and not sure if that's just because it's not the fastest car in the world. I've attached a picture and if anyone has any ideas...
  5. J4m3s

    K12 3dr speaker replacement

    Hi all, I'm new here so I'm not sure if this is how I'm supposed to go about asking questions. (Apologies) I'll get to the question, I wanted to upgrade the speakers in my k12, had the back panels and the passenger door cover off. My model only had 2 speakers in the front doors, none in the...