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  1. John carter

    Engine idle increase when i switch lights on?

    Im not 100% sure this is normal but is it? When i turn the headlights on the engine idle speeds up and slows down when i turn them off.. i presume this is normal in a k11 but not sure so here i am:P
  2. John carter

    Here is the Nissan official timing chain diagnosis and replacement procedure k11

    Dont know if this is already on here somewhere, I cant find it, so thought i would up this link : And pics...Attached to try help anyone who might need it :p
  3. John carter

    What to do if ncvt light comes on and stays on?

    I have a k11 when driving, after a few mins or sometimes a few seconds the ncvt light will come on and stay on. Most of the time the gears select just fine . But now and then the car wont go into gear. I have ran the self diag test and it comes back showing no fault. it does the two seconds...
  4. John carter

    New micra owner with ncvt light possable problem

    i just bought a very clean well maintained micra shape auto 1.0 16v when i bought it the battery was dead and the ncvt light came on after starting i changed the battery and now it starts and runs fine, but the ncvt light is still on After some searching i found how to do the diagnostic test...