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  1. Lazyslug7

    Gearbox plug part number

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows the part number for the drain plug for the manual gearbox as I’m trying to find one due to mine being rounded out
  2. Lazyslug7

    Replacement seat belt bolt

    I’ve just had my seat belt reconditioned on my 2002 3 door but when putting it back in it seems the bolt that holds the seat belt rail on won’t go all the way in. I think I may have cross threaded it and want another to make sure, but can’t for the life of me find the part or part number. It’s...
  3. Lazyslug7

    Keys not remotely unlocking car

    Hi, I have just bought a 2002 micra and it seems the remote locking isn't working. I can unlock the car using the key in the door but can't get the remote to work. I've changed the batteries in the key and tried the reprogram. Any advice would be helpful.
  4. Lazyslug7

    Anyone parting out a 2002 3 door?

    I’m looking for a front left side (passenger) seat belt for a 3 door from 2002. Looking for it around £20-£25 if anyone’s got anything available
  5. Lazyslug7

    Cheap first car for a student for around £850

    Hi. I'm looking for a first car for myself and have fallen in love with the K11 Micras. I'm trying to find one that isn't completely stock for around the £850 mark. I know I'm asking for a lot but I keep finding rust buckets or ones that are nowhere near me. And I haven't got the time to be...