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    High comp cga3

    Cheers Frank,is that extra height taken up by the gasket or do the pistons need 'decking'.
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    High comp cga3

    Hi all, after advice please. Does anyone know if the comp height and pin dia is the same on cg10 and cga3 engines? Need to get more compression in a rally cga3 engine and was thinking the easiest way is to get a set of +1mm cg10 pistons. Any other suggestions? Cheers.
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    ATB Diff information needed

    ATB is OK for road use because its a fit and forget item. A plate diff gives much better traction than an ATB, so it depends on what you want to do with it. Gripper diffs have an excellent support package, rebuilds are cheap, service is quick and support is always available.
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    Competition Helmets

    Personal preferences don't mean owt. You need to try them on and buy what fits your head shape. V2 Sports are good for the money, the Pro comes up small and if you've got an Arai/Shoei shaped head you won't fit in one. The Elite is a more 'standard' fitting. Oh one more thing, there's no...
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    Welder selection help

    Mine is a 150A SIP jobby and about 25 years old now and still going strong. I've welded 10mm plate with it (with multiple runs) so a 130A as above should be good for pretty much anything car related. DO NOT be tempted to get a no gas one, they are poor at best and don't work if there is the...
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    I'm being thick

    Getting stuck in like you are is the best way to learn :grinning: If you aren't sure about something, ask questions, there are plenty of people on here who know.
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    Tomei Poncams for CG**, thoughts?

    25% transmission loss on my engine does sound very high, seeing as typical FWD losses are around the 15 to 20% mark, but your losses at only 10% for the 98/109 engine are on the very low side of low. That's why I try to quote wheel figures. Reading how you feel about dubious dyno figures it...
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    Tomei Poncams for CG**, thoughts?

    The 93.9bhp quoted above in my (sorry Woz) rally car is wheel bhp. The flywheel bhp was around the 125bhp mark iirc. That's a cga with a stock block, stock head (apart from Tomei cams) and ITBs.
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    Rear Window Conversion

    Firstly, have a look on your car and see if it has the fixing points for the opening windows. The windows are a 3 point fixing, there are two fixings on the pillar near the upper seatbelt anchor (1 at top of window 1 at bottom) and one in the middle at the back of the window. They are a slot...
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    Tomei Poncams for CG**, thoughts?

    Are you talking wheel or flywheel hp there Frank?
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    Front wishbones

    Anyone know what the difference is between the two types of wishbone listed for the Micra K11. Most motor factors don't list a wishbone for the facelift, Japarts show both and the differences aren't obvious and I was just wondering if the later ones could be considered an upgrade to the early...
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    Tomei Poncams for CG**, thoughts?

    We've got Tomei cams in the rally car and they would be pretty good for a fast road car. They're not too lumpy and peak power is at about 7500rpm iirc. To get the best from them you would want a remap at the very least or you'd be wasting their potential. Good thing is they're new cams so...
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    Question: Which Micra for Rallying/F1000/Road

    Don't bother with rear discs, more hassle than its worth and handbrake is rubbish on rear discs. Try and find one with power steering too, it makes a big difference if you decide to put a LSD in.
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    k11 micra 1.4 engine mods?

    How deep are your pockets :grinning: The last of the 3.0 F1 engines were nudging 1000bhp out of 3.0 litres (which equates to about 330bhp per litre), so on that reckoning you can figure the unlimited cash power limit for a n/a 1.4 to be around 460bhp Seriously though the way to big power out...
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    "Maxi Micra" EBBdude.

    Do you have any more plans for the chassis, specifically the suspension? I feel there is a lot of weight to be saved if the rear axle wasn't there............:suspect:
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    "Maxi Micra" EBBdude.

    Very, very impressive. Well done so far.....can't wait for the next installment. (Y)
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    "Maxi Micra" EBBdude.

    Hi Erik The power graph above is for the 1275cc engine, I don't have the 1348cc print-out but power was up by about 4bhp and torque up by about 10 to 15ft-lbs all measured at the wheels. :grinning: Have the con-rods remained stock on the maxi engine? No different nuts and bolts?
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    "Maxi Micra" EBBdude.

    You're not wrong mate, but if I could change anything it would be to do a job on the cam chain wheels like yours or Eriks, I think there would be more gains made on this engine by retarding the inlet cam than raising the cr. But that would mean another half day on the rollers to get it perfect...
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    "Maxi Micra" EBBdude.

    Yeah but no but yeah but no, our 85 to 90ft-lbs is at the wheels?
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    "Maxi Micra" EBBdude.

    The guy that did our set up (as on the dyno print and can recommend them if your down that way) listens to the engine with a pair of ear defenders adapted to effectively become something like a doctors stethoscope. This, he says, is the best way he has found to detect knock/detonition. The sound...