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  1. dg_unit

    K10 exhaust front pipe

    So yesterday I thought, "let's see how loud I can make this broken exhaust sound while I go through a tunnel". One change-down later and I managed to blow the front pipe into two pieces. It now sounds like a half track tank. Then I went online to make a simple purchase of a new front pipe but...
  2. dg_unit

    Help pleas, stuck, exhaust.

    Hi. Does anyone know how to get the back section off a k10 over the axel tube? Whichever way I wiggle it I can't get it off. Trying to fit a new one today. Thanks.
  3. dg_unit

    trying to find good 12" tyres for my '87 K10

    Hi, my K10 needs some new tyres. It's currently got R12 145/70 (might be 145/60 whatever was standard). I want to keep the 12" steelies but would like something wider and something that wasn't made with caravans in mind. Wondering what the widest I can go to is? Found some R12 165/60 mini tyres...
  4. dg_unit

    A noisy puzzle...

    Right so I think I'm down to my last set of noises on my K10 that I need to fix but everything has got a bit puzzling. Last night I replaced the NS CV joint as it was clicking on right turns but the clicking (almost like a tapping noise) is still there on right turns. I'm going to replace the OS...
  5. dg_unit

    Fitting a new Dizzy

    Hey everyone. It's been a while. I've got a new distributor to fit. My Haynes manual is beside me but wondering if anyone has any tips/advice to get everything going smoothly esp. with getting the timing right. Thanks.
  6. dg_unit

    Rear wash/wipe switch

    My '87 Colette is fitted with rear wiper and a washer nozzle but the washer has never worked since I've had it. Noticed the switch doesn't depress like the one I had on my old facelift GS. So today I found a new switch from a 1990 GS that does depress to activate the rear washer. Went to go fit...
  7. dg_unit

    CV joint going (just replace joint or driveshaft?)

    Hi, my CV joint is clicking when turning right. I think that means the N/S one has gone?There's no splits on the CV boots and it's not had any accidents. The clicking has been there for about a month (maybe longer as other noises were masking it) and hasn't got much worse but will need doing...
  8. dg_unit

    Which spring is which?

    Right so should be able to get this done later this week (finally) once karlj's generous donation of bump stops arrives. Just some questions... which is the front spring, which is the rear, and does it matter which way up they go (one looks symmetrical but the other has bunched up coils on one...
  9. dg_unit

    What's this noise coming from my car?

    Since the success of getting rid of the last noise coming from my car (with help from everyone on here), I can now hear other noises that it was masking. The main one I'm concerned about sounds like its coming from underneath the car or the front drivetrain. Can't be sure because I have to...
  10. dg_unit

    Bump Stops... Seriously where are they???

    Right. This is the third thread on bump stops I've started and still seem to be getting nowhere (thanks tho for previous helpful suggestions). So I'm after a pair of front bump stops for my K10. As far as I can tell dimensions are approx. 85mm long, 52mm wide with a bore of 18-19mm that tapers...
  11. dg_unit

    Restoring wiper and light stalks...

    I tried this a few months ago an waited to see if it ran the course before posting as the potential for innuendo is great. Got fed up with the sunburnt grey faded plastic on the wiper and light stalks. Accidentally discovered that vaseline does the trick. Covered them is a very fine layer...
  12. dg_unit

    Paint advice - changing doors

    I'm hunting down a 3dr K10 in white because among other things, I need a new set of doors. I've been looking for colette's so I've got the little badge etc to keep it all original but thinking I can get over that as long as the colour matches. My 1987 pre-facelift colette is a bit off-white...
  13. dg_unit

    K10 (3rd) set of white doors in good condition.

    Long shot but worth an ask. I don't need anything but the doors, I have all the internals, door cards etc. Don't mind if exterior moldings are there or not and some cosmetic damage just nothing that needs a re-spray. I can collect. Thanks.
  14. dg_unit

    K10 pre-facelift steering column mouldings (brown).

    Desperately need the top and bottom cover to replace a 1987 colette with brown interior. Thieves smashed it up but weren't courteous enough to leave the pieces for me to try and fix.
  15. dg_unit

    Somebody tried to steal my car!... why? (need info on good scrappies)

    Pretty much says it above. Now need to spend my day looking for a white K10 3dr drivers door because that will be a lot cheaper than the £200 excess for my insurance company. Thankfully my DIY immobiliser means I've still got a car to drive in so does anybody know any white K10s in scrap yards...
  16. dg_unit

    Suspension Overhall (where to find bump stops?)

    I'm getting all kinds of moaning and groaning from my suspension so I think it's time to replace the lot. It's a 1987 K10 and I'm pretty sure they are the original shocks and springs. It's only done 35k but 24 years will have done enough damage. Because I have to think twice about buying a...
  17. dg_unit

    Cheapest bullet connectors?

    I've been doing a bit of work fitting various electronics on my K10. Getting fed up of paying through he nose for bullet connectors from Halfords. Anybody know the best place online to get them in bulk and cheap? Crimp or solder type. Thanks.
  18. dg_unit

    Need a welder for my sills in Sussex!

    Anybody know somewhere or someone where I can get my rear sills welded on my K10 in the Brighton/Sussex area? It's just failed it's MOT. This is the link to horror pics on another post: Thanks in advance.
  19. dg_unit

    Rusty outer sills MOT fail

    001 Nearside rear (outer sill) Seat belt anchorage prescribed area is excessively corroded [5.2.6] 002 Offisde rear (outer sill) Seat belt anchorage prescribed area is excessively corroded [5.2.6] Just got my car back from the MOT. I was expecting it to fail but not on that. The guy said...
  20. dg_unit

    Exhaust rubbers (need pictures)

    If anybody is under their car can they take some pics of the exhaust rubbers on the back box and mid section? I've got my MOT coming up on Wednesday and I'm pretty sure the only thing that is going to give me any trouble is the rattle coming from the exhaust, especially the back box. I'm...