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  1. mean micra

    **K11 bits FS**

    Hi guys, time for a clearout... I will put them up here first for you guys, then if they don’t go will be on EBay... Make me an offer if you feel the price is not fair. Collection preferred (I’m in Manchester), any P&P will be additional cost... JDM cupholder bought off Mike (USED)...
  2. mean micra

    Last chance for my Super S

    does anyone want to take this off my hands before i give it to my Bro-in-law as a b-day present lol... make me an sensible offer the worst i can say is no... tis back on its K plate now ready to go... No tax but has 11 months MOT... would really like to keep it in the MSC .. see FS...
  3. mean micra

    M60Ring LOL...

    i seen the M25Ring Nurbergring sticker and tried to do it myself... can anyone do an M60 one better than mine... think their cool... :)
  4. mean micra

    **Star Pics**

    Has anyone got any pics of famous people, just thought i'd get a thread going... Served Gerard Kearns who plays Ian Gallagher off Shameless at work the other day... no major star but i quite like him...
  5. mean micra

    My new car!! ;)

    Picked this up the other night... what you think? gonna miss the SS when it goes, but need something bigger... gonna stay on here tho, just like the atmosphere... so you'll still see me online... just need to get rid of the SS and k11 parts that i practically live with...
  6. mean micra

    Ripping off, Mercedes Garage

    hi guys, just looking for advice really.... My sis bought an A-Class which needed an MOT and Diagnostics check cos the EM light was on.... So she booked it in with Mercedes who quoted her about £100 odd quid for the both... they found that the Battery was low and thats what they say the...
  7. mean micra

    ** FS: White K11 1.3 SuperS

    ***Pictures to follow tomorrow, weather's baad up Mani atm*** Wanting £800 ono This car has been good to me since the death of my old K11 and has just flown through its MOT. The car is mechanically sound and bodywork is top notch bar some small dings… I clean and wax the car like every...
  8. mean micra

    1998 Phase II Almera GTI (AOC)

    My Mates car if anyone is intrested in moving on... (traitor's) Let me know or just reply in his thread over on the AOC... as you know many ex-Micra owners invest in a GTI... Beauty, take my word for it... [LINK]--->
  9. mean micra

    **Clanking sound Rear suspension**

    Hi guys, Since i bought my SuperS, the rear Pass side has made a clunking sound when i go over humps/bumps in the road, on the motorway its fine... i always presumed it would be a loose or worn Shocker that gave under the sudden shock and hit the sides, if you get me.... Today i changed...
  10. mean micra

    ** E-mail Fraud Alert **

    Just got the following e-mail: just to confirm it is fraud for anyone that recieves it.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRITISH CHARITIES LOTTERY PROMOTIONS UNITED KINGDOM. We are pleased to inform you of the announcements today of Winners...
  11. mean micra

    ** K11 bits For Sale **

    Hi guys, Some bits still left for sale off me old K11... Please feel free to ask questions in this thread or E-mail me... I would prefer collection and P&P is always extra... All body parts are off the vehichle, are in AJ4 red and will need spraying imo... > Lester Micra specific...
  12. mean micra

    Throttle body (93 k11)

    Has anyone got a TB going spare... need to change mine... the famous TB fault... Car gets really jumpy and looses power... drop me a line here or e-mail me ([email protected]) Live in Gt Manchester area ta
  13. mean micra

    Just paid up...

    Join Date: 24-04-2005 and i finally fork out nearly two years on... mainly to take benefit of the buy&sell, but i bet i'll find some more interesting bits i've missed out on...
  14. mean micra

    RAM Q's

    hi guys need some pc help... any body got any idea what ram i need and how to get the best out of it... basically i have 4x184pin dimm slots (think that's right) and am running as standard 256MB DDR PC3200 CL3... Now i dont know what all that means and feel dumb so HELP!!!! i got...
  15. mean micra

    1.0l k10 Super ???

    basically my bro-in-law loves k10's and is on his fourth one now... he's got a 1.0l k10 super... he's asking me what the differences are from a basic 1.0l apart form the spoiler.... if anyone can fill me in that would be great... i drives like heaven... a bit slow but stil smooth...
  16. mean micra

    SuperS SR Bumper???

    does anyone know where i can get one asap... someones just bumped me car and its split open... any help would be great, as i dont want to have to put on a std one... thanks... if anyone can help, its xmas and all...
  17. mean micra

    R.I.P Meanmicra

    Finally, scrapped the Meanmicra... tbh i feel quite releaved but i do miss it in its full glory back in the day... Before: at its best... After: At the scrappers... Sigh...:(
  18. mean micra

    worst cat burglar sorry but this made me fall off my chair laughing... its redirected off Kontraband website...
  19. mean micra

    is this Paypal Fraud?

    Dear abdul salam , PayPal as a regulated financial services company is required under law to assess its customers against certain lists of individuals and entities which have had sanctions imposed against them. PayPal as a financial institution is required to comply with these...
  20. mean micra

    ?? NWest Meet ??

    Basically asking for ideas as a meet is due lol... are we gonna meet before the cold hits or wait til new year? i know not many mods done to cars recntly but NWest meets are usually more socially orientated then cars lol... we've done A-U-L twice and Warrington most recently so any...