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  1. Mika The Finn

    K12 Radio Codes

  2. Mika The Finn

    K12 automatic gear shift button sticking

    Have you ever disassembled/inspected and cleaned/lubricated it? There might worn/damaged plastic part inside that prevents normal functioning. I have cleaned/lubricated gear lever latch few times from my 1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28S. And added this small service to-do-list during this becoming...
  3. Mika The Finn

    K12 electrics acting strangely

    Of course you check fuses first, I do visual/multi-meter inspection, always and every time to my fuses. I assumed that you have already done inspection of fuses... Cotton swab, small wood splinter, piece of cable tie, piece of metal wire, bend paper clip, use your imagination for apply tool. My...
  4. Mika The Finn

    K12 electrics acting strangely

    Oxidation/corrosion in fuses...? :unsure: I have cleaned and added thin layer of dielectric grease to all fuses.
  5. Mika The Finn

    K12 electrics acting strangely

    Have you checked/cleaned/tighten both battery terminals? And battery ground cable? Sounds like corrosion somewhere... If you disconnect battery cables, feed 12V to cables before disconnecting them! Here in the Land of the Finns, this is normal procedure, if doing something battery related! By...
  6. Mika The Finn

    Rear Windscreen Scratches from Inside

    Stone chip repairing service near you?! :unsure:;)
  7. Mika The Finn

    1.2 bhp difference, how to tell?

    Micra 'big-block' of mine was dynoed 119.8 hp at engine...:)
  8. Mika The Finn

    1.2 bhp difference, how to tell?

    Correct vehicle paperwork! :unsure:
  9. Mika The Finn

    What can go wrong on a 2006 model?

    Bearing of accesscory belt tensioner gave up => belt broke => water pump and altenator obviously stopped working. 3.2km to nearest car service that, lucky me, had cancelled time slot available. 3 hours later, including waiting for parts, my 'big-blog' Micra was fixed! ;):)
  10. Mika The Finn

    Airbox /plenum bypass

    What engine? :rolleyes: Something like this?! :unsure: Improving the breathing on the K12 CR range of engines (Now Fitted) by John_D By using Search-function on right top corner, you will find more! ;)
  11. Mika The Finn

    radio code

    Never before and once again, new radio code thread? :unsure: Did you even tried search function here? :rolleyes: => K12 Radio Codes
  12. Mika The Finn

    full beam only working one side

    bluemicra12, Any progress on this?! :unsure:
  13. Mika The Finn

    What can go wrong on a 2006 model?

    Not necessary costly, more like annoying. Cables inside of rubber 'elbow' between chassis and trunk lid. Mine were broken after gazillion opening times of trunk lid...:(
  14. Mika The Finn

    full beam only working one side

    Good point, I assumed that this basic thing was done?! :rolleyes: Like testing it with battery or measuring with multi-meter?! :unsure:
  15. Mika The Finn

    -06 Micra 160SR of Mika The Finn

    My Micra at dark with drl's on...
  16. Mika The Finn

    full beam only working one side

    Have you checked fuses from under front light fuse box? Please notice, in fuse box fuses aren't marked near-off-side nor passenger or driver side! :unsure:;) Just normally left hand or right hand side! :LOL:
  17. Mika The Finn


    I have 205/50/16 tires on 7.5" wheels, with lowering springs, with stock shocks. Driving feel is in my opinion excellent! :unsure:;)
  18. Mika The Finn

    Rear brake back plates

    Well, how about plugging holes with rubber plugs. Similar to these, most likely can be found from any automotive shop...
  19. Mika The Finn

    Timing chain 160 SR

    Kilometers/mileage & year model...?! :unsure:
  20. Mika The Finn

    Window winder switch intermittant?

    This maybe would prevent moisture related malfunctions in the future: "add dob of dielectric grease to connector pins." :unsure: ;)