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  1. Chicago Mark

    Beeping sound in reverse

    When I put my automatic Pao in reverse the car makes a beeping noise. It seems to come from the dash. Does anyone else's Pao have this feature? How do I disable it? It's tremendously irritating. Thanks, Mark
  2. Chicago Mark

    rear window shocks

    Hello, The shocks on my rear window no longer hold the glass up. Anyone know where I can get replacements? Thanks, Mark
  3. Chicago Mark

    oil filter warning

    For those of you in the states who have trouble finding parts be careful. I replace my oil filter with one off the shelf that seemed to screw on and fit fine, but it came loose when driving and I lost all my oil. The motor seems to be fine, but that was a close call!
  4. Chicago Mark

    Hello from Chicago

    Hello, I just purchased a recently imported Pao off ebay. It's an aqua-gray, automatic with the canvas top. It arrived less than a week ago. It's in excellent condition with about 96,000 kilometers. This car was clearly stored in a garage. I'm still trying to adjust to the right-hand...