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    F/S: micra k11 sr cluster

    Item: micra k11 sr cluster Location: gateshead Condition: good Reason for selling: scrapped my sr Price: 123456 okay basicaly as the title says i am selling the cluster. offer please
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    F/S: nissan micra sr 1997

    Item: nissan micra sr 1997 Location: newcastle Condition: not the best Reason for selling: getting another car Price: 00000 okay basically i am selling my micra because i am going onto another car it was a short journey with the little beast but it still has a bit of work to do :). 119,000...
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    F/S: couple of parts from k11 sr

    Item: couple of parts from k11 sr Location: newcastle Condition: could do with a clean and spray i think Reason for selling: selling micra Price: 111111 (coilovers polo 6n) okay basically i am getting rid of my micra now because i want a newer car. and i did not have time to put them on, you...
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    F/S: march boot lid

    Item: march boot lid Location: Gateshead Condition: okay, still a couple of scratches here and their Reason for selling: not room for it Price: 000 please give me offer for this, also i am not willing to do postage so if you want it and you are far away would you please be able to arrange...
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    passenger side headlight

    okay so basically i have had some problems with the passenger side headlight due to the fact of the fuse box melted from the fuse overheating ? and basically i was just wondering if anyone know which wire i need to cut to solder a new external fuse in :)
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    fuel pump

    okay i have been looking around for a after-market fuel pump, but i can't seem to find one can someone help me. because i want the car to backfire a bit louder and i have heard this is one good way of getting that result :)
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    i had a look in the lowering guide, and the thing is i have a set of 6n coilovers and was just wondering are the front a direct fit to the car just because i could only find the back installation guide in the lowering guide.
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    well coming up to my first year of insurance, and started to look for some insurance companyies which are cheap i have tried alot of companies with two different types of cars, they are: nissan micra sr 16v 1.3 1997 nissan micra celebration 16v 1.0 2000 and still i am getting ridiculous...
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    help need with engine

    okay so basically i will be rebuilding the engine sometime soon and i was wanting to know if gents and ladys have any idea on were i can get my hands on values, pistons and other accersorise which are need for the engine rebuild :)
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    F/S: polo 6n coilovers

    Item: polo 6n coilovers Location: newcastle Condition: good Reason for selling: not needed Price: 70 great British pounds ;) okay i am selling due to the fact i do not need them because i have a set of lowering springs which i prefer :) and i also need the money :)
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    self revving

    okay so i have notices that when the car is running cold it idles fine at just in the middle of 1 and 1.5 rpm but when the car is warmered up it increased to just under 2k and it keep dropping to 1.5k and then raises it self back to just under 2 and keep doing that can anyone help me with this...
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    polo 6n coilovers (Please help me) :)

    i think this has been covered but i have a set of front and back polo 6n collies and what do i have to do to make them fit.
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    hi i have been looking around for a long time know and still don't know what injector would fit my preface micra sr :/. can anyone maybe help me out :)
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    F/S: back sr seat

    Item: back sr seat Location: newcastle/ gateshead/ sunderland Condition: mint condition Reason for selling: not required anymore Price: 25 quid i have had them but found some nice back seats out of a facelift :) (PIC TOMORROW) :D
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    okay so me a sr-steve tried and put the HIDs in and they work perfectly, but they are to small for the cup, is there any tips people could give me ?
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    wheel fitment (help please)

    okay so i have been looking for my car which has a blog which is made by sr-steve called black 1.3 sr and i been looking a 6x13 and 7x13 :) but dont know which would sit flush with my car and whcih wouldn't stick out :) the thing is that i have been looking at the fitments of the the is the...
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    okay i have been looking on the internet and have found nothing that relates to after market fuel pressure regulator :/ i only found one on the micra forum but it has no pictures so i was just wondering would a universal fit or not because i have been looking at the normal one and it has an...
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    speedo clock problem

    okay so basically i went home and got the car taxed again and then i noticed that the speed clock was hanging lower then 0 mph. could anyone please tell me the problem which is causing this or is it the cluster that has completely broke :/ :'( can i have a quick answer as soon as possible...
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    things to do to a micra

    okay guys i have done things to my micra sr, current mods; -sportex backbox -mid de-cat -lowered - stripped interior - induction kit can you give me any ideas which i could do for styling and my abit of power :)
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    bucket seat

    okay been thinking long and hard if i want bucket seat and with all the interior almost ripped out i decided that i want some :) but the thing is that i dunno where to get the rails and sliders from can anyone help me with this question or world the original silders and rail fit?