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  1. lee k0011

    leaky micra help

    passenger side foot well is full of water in my k11. has any one had this problem before? So i know where to start looking for the leak.
  2. lee k0011

    k11 swap for a k10

    I fancy a change and a k10 is high on my list. had this since 2007 and it has never let me down. 1.0l with 133k frankspeed minifold with first cat taken out primera air box with custom cold air feed to the front bumper rocker cover painted red 13x6 compomotive wheels with almost new 175/60/13...
  3. lee k0011

    F/S: Astrali steering wheel and boss

    Item: Astrali steering wheel and boss Location: wrexham Condition: used Reason for selling: Got a new wheel Price: 30 pounds 14" black leather steering wheel with boss, came off my 93 k11. Few marks on the leather but you dont notice when you are driving...
  4. lee k0011

    F/S: Mountney steering wheel boss

    Item: Mountney steering wheel boss Location: wrexham Condition: used Reason for selling: Got new steering wheel Price: 10 pound + post Boss with horn push Came off my 93 k11 Indercater self cancel wont work, but that could be sorted by putting a small pin in one of the holes in the...
  5. lee k0011

    F/S: 13x7 minilites 4x100

    Item: 13x7 minilites 4x100 Location: wrexham Condition: used Reason for selling: not needed Price: ebay start 99p selling my minilites ebay item no 290942776166
  6. lee k0011

    k11 rear anti roll bar

    After a cheap rear anti roll bar for my k11. Needs to have all fixings to..
  7. lee k0011

    F/S: Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

    Item: Adjustable fuel pressure regulator Location: wrexham Condition: new never fitted Reason for selling: Not go'n to use it Price: 20 Brand new adjustable regulator with Nissan fuel rail adaptor. Also comes with some pipe,clips and a load of unerversal fuel rail adaptors.
  8. lee k0011

    F/S: Motordrive bucket seat

    Item: Motordrive bucket seat Location: Wrexham (north wales) Condition: Used couple of small rips in fabrick Reason for selling: Just sitting round not being used Price: 70 pounds Selling this to raise funds for other things.. Comes with side mounts which cost quite a lot on there own...
  9. lee k0011

    Any one looking for a k11 in north wales ?

    Will get more detailes and pics if any one wonts any?? It is white, pre facelift,3 door, no sun roof with tax and mot.. 300ono
  10. lee k0011

    Who sent me a pm about a gear box??

    Can who ever it was pleas sent it again. My 15 month old son did his favorite thing of bashing the laptop. And some how deleted the message.while I was trying to read it. I just don't won't the person who sent it thinking I am being rude and ignoring them.
  11. lee k0011

    K11 back box

    Looking for a performance back box.. Wont one to bolt strait on, and pics would be good to if you have any thing..
  12. lee k0011

    K11 1.0 and 1.3 cylinder heads??

    I no the cams are different in the two heads. But are there any other differences e.g larger valves in the 1.3 or different compression ratios ect ???
  13. lee k0011

    Welder needed in Wrexham (North Wales)

    Looking for some one to weld my k11 for it's mot.. Needs new front cross member and a inner sill repair.. Let me no if you can help???
  14. lee k0011

    k11's at oulton park

    Spotted these two while spectating at a rally today.. Don't no if any one on here no's them??
  15. lee k0011

    My spoiler up for sale

    Decided to put this up for sale after i had my window smashed and i don't have the motivation atm to put it back on. Painted gloss black with only a couple of small marks on it. Still have fitting instructions, but it is easy to fit. just needs bonding to the rear screen. Looking for £60 ono
  16. lee k0011

    I need to learn to weld, or scrap my micra :(

    Decided to have a poke around under the micra today, as we are coming to winter and i wonted to do some rust proofing.. I found an old repair that looked a bit dodgy, so gave it a poke and ended up with what you can see in the picture:(. I didn't even hit it with a hammer, just gave it a prod...
  17. lee k0011

    What seats fit in to the k11???

    I am thinking about changing the front seats in my micra. As i wont something a bit more surportive.. Are there any seats that bolt strait in from other Nissan's ?? or any other cars?? I do have a fixed back bucket seat, but it would still be handy to be able to get to the rear seats from...
  18. lee k0011

    k11 Anti roll bars???

    Noticed a while back that my very basic spec micra hasn't got any anti roll bars.. So i was thinking of just fitting some O.E ones as a cheap upgrade. I no you can get upgraded ones, but i don't wont to spend that sort of dollar on them! Has any one els done this?? And if so did it make a...
  19. lee k0011

    K11 induction kit

    I made this induction kit but then replaced it with a primera air box, as a i wasn't a fan of the extra induction noise. You will receive a K&N filter, ram pipe and a piece of silicone hose to attach it to the throttle body.. A couple of hose clips and a cold air feed will be needed but not...
  20. lee k0011

    K11 cam cover and std springs

    Got these lying around if they are of use to any one. £10 for the cam cover(needs a good clean) And the springs are free if you wont to come and get them.