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    Info Strut Brace on Cabs.

    My understanding is that having Macpherson struts and no roof for rigidity, the March Cabriolet would benefit from a front upper strut brace. I'm not interested in modding any other aspects of suspension, and wondered how many of you have tried one on this model in isolation. Also did it bump up...
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    Tyre Choice for 6x14" Rims.

    I currently have a K11 Cabriolet with JDM alloys and Winter tyres, but they are too tall being 175/65/R14. I would like to replace the tyres with something with the right diameter, but undecided between 2 options. Either the classic 185/55R14 which I think it had originally, or slightly...
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    Tech / Mechanics Roof Stuck Open

    :eek::( Yesterday I carefully oiled all the pivot points on the roof frame which then oddly created a creaking noise during operation. Today I showed the car to a friend and he asked whether it should go flatter in the open position. Think he pushed it down a little and now it's stuck there...
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    Excited by my new March Cab, but a steep learning curve and advice needed.

    Hi fellow Cabriolet owners, it is just dawning on me how rare my recent purchase is and I have so many things to think about. It arrived here in 2011, and has been underused as a runabout here in Devon until I rescued it. Will share photos of as soon as I have got various commissioning...