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    k11 stuff for sale

    lol thanks for the comments yeah i do get alot of heads turning lol and 2be honest i've only been stopped once since i got it in december and yeah the guy was not best amused with it he tried picking at everylittle detail to try n screw me for something and wen he didnt i just sat there and...

    k11 stuff for sale

    hey all im completely breakin my micra now so anything anybody wants please pm me n let me no i even got 1.3gx engine done 8000mile roughly with 2new driveshafts on it.

    k11 stuff for sale

    not quite as gd now tho mate deteraitin due to sitting there on me drive untouched lol. been too busy to keep it up so av u got ya de-cat on then how is it as i never got round to putting it on. due to some pms i have decided if any1 knows of the best way 2 send parcels etc please let me no...

    k11 stuff for sale

    do u want just the windows or rear boot wiv window and spoiler. just the windows make me an offer. yeah they came of my micra which is 1995 i think they the same on all k11's cant get spoiler off as it was glued n screwqed on then filled the screws in and painted it. sorry. yes it a saxo...

    k11 stuff for sale

    hi all finally i have got my micra stuff sorted for sale sorry i posted in december cnt find the post so had to re post. i have for sale now flame red(aj4) boot with spoiler and limo black window film tint £60 or for an extra £50 i throw in the 2rear and front windows which are also film...

    k11 micra stuff for sale

    hi all look I'M REALLY REALLY SORRY. due to unfortunate doings my new car wont be ready untill begining of february so i will not be able to sell my bumper,lights or alloys (wot we need to drive the car) untill then. sorry no dials mine are standard pre-facelift wiv sprayed red dials. this...

    k11 micra stuff for sale

    sorry boss kit spoken for by my misses. i havent had time at the mo to work out postage for all the items as im not really sure how i'd go about doing it or wot is the best way as i have always collected wot i have. any ideas please let me know and i will sort it out thanks. yeah...

    k11 micra stuff for sale

    hey all sadly my micra era has come to an end my micra is now beyond repair so i have a few things for sale. super s front bumper with fog lights £30 red white dash board with glove box £15 red and black momo steering wheel £15 smoked rear lights with light blubs £20 lowering springs...

    Car Plans for JAE

    well i got a few things i wanna do to my car but unfortunately dont think i will get them done for JAE not sure if i can get there this year either so i not best amussed anyway here wot i got planed. re-spray whole dash and rest of my interior get out all stone chips/scratches around my car...
  10. DAVEJUPP01

    Treating dents and scratches

    hey my brother does that for a living he gets stonechips out and polishes up the car awsome as he has all the right tools he also refurbs alloys too. i have got him 2do mine and it well good. he looking for more work but it like 2hrs ish from birmingham here.
  11. DAVEJUPP01

    26/04/08 Ferrybridge services

    hey guys sorry i only just noticed the thread im gutted i didnt come on and find out about it earlier i wuda deffo been there as my k11 is really coming along well now so woulda liked to show it off.
  12. DAVEJUPP01

    K11 from Taiwan

    well they are some top micra installs and cars im soo jelous too if only things wernt so expensive etc in this country. and wot gets me the most is the fact that loadsa people here all take the **** out of us saying why do up micra's well looking at that in taiwan i now know why i like to do my...
  13. DAVEJUPP01

    Non Official MSC Side Repeaters I've Made

    well done bet they look sweet on a red micra
  14. DAVEJUPP01

    strut brace

    will it fit my car no probs if so i will hav this 2 and can pick it up wen i get carpet if u like let me no. cheers tomace (davejupp01)
  15. DAVEJUPP01

    capeted false floor

    hey rich if it fits then it's mine... i'll have it for that price is it the whole floor then? it wud go well wiv rest of my interior i will get pics up of it soon i just doing some final touches to it and the carpet would be a great finish. email/msn me ya number and we can sort out pick up etc...
  16. DAVEJUPP01

    k11 bodykit for sale

    hey all actuall there is interest in this kit as i would like it but just cant afford at the mo depends how my new job goes wen i start in june. but id hav 2 wait till august at least b4 id have the money 4 it lol not happy coz my red micra really coming along now oh well.
  17. DAVEJUPP01

    Window Tints

    hey all just like to say well i finally got mine done and looks great. i got them done at a place near me in lincoln(lincolnshire) called kool tints, i got back 3 limo black and ova 2 at 70% and it cost me £140 wot a bargin by the sounds of your comments lol.
  18. DAVEJUPP01

    dash dials

    no solarice i think you are right as i did try about this once and so i contacted lockwood themselves by email and asked them if they did dials for the micra as i no a good lot of people who would consider getting some.MSC i did actually mention this club but they replied with "im very sorry...
  19. DAVEJUPP01

    2 Cans of Paint and a Packet of Maskin Tape!

    hey courior nice job mate well done. i sprayed my bumpers not so long ago(well bout 5months lol) and they came up well. just a little advice tho put search on here and u find a few gd threads on how to make the best job and it really works. for the best job it consists of lots of prep work...
  20. DAVEJUPP01

    next midlands meet sunday 11th march

    blooming hell sorry to hear bout that well at least she was ok and you got the problem sorted i had a mate who that happened too before but he wasnt so lucky he actually hit the kerb and it bent his wheel axel thingy bit hard for me 2 explain but insurance wrot car off. mate was ok tho phew.