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    k11 micra profile for sale

    hi, george in crawley, selling my 'T' reg Micra Profile. 115k miles on the clock. Body in very good shape. I bought for £870 in July and have had about 8 weeks driving. Car has been off the road otherwise - the ECU has been malfunctioning because the heater matrix dripped into it. Since...
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    hey hey ho ho .......the problem's got to go??

    hello.... it's george in crawley again. still the same old problem 1. driver headlight won't do normal beam - full beam is fine. 2. constant clicking and flashing of engine management light. i took it to the garage 12 days ago - i've been oop north for a while, so now can call the...
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    clicking pump and dodgy headlight

    helloo...... george here, the prob persists.... constant clicking fuel pump and headlight does not do main beam, but the full beam works fine - driver's headlight. i have replaced all fuses at the box by the battery, on advice about the injector fuse. still it persists, anybody got the...
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    anybody near crawley fancy having a look at my infernal machine?

    hola a todos, george here, with the same old prob: 1. normal headlight beam on driver side not working - full beam fine. 2. constant clicking of fuel pump - am not driving at the mo. going to the scrappy for new wiper motor and fuses today - anybody got a magic wand for this??!! george...
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    the clicking continues - where is the fuel pump relay? and the headlight relay?

    hi, it's george again, some of you must think i'm really dim now!! i have replaced all 3 relays in the rectangular box besdie the battery - and still the clicking and the warning light on the temp guage display continue. also, where is the headlight relay? can anybody tell me what the 3...
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    Please help me to find the fuel pump relay

    Can't type much darn computer on the blink george in crawley
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    it clicks then shudders then ...

    hi, george in crawley again...answer this one? i hear a clicking sound when driving, lose power for half a second. this has been happening 2 or 3 times on the way to work. then recently is happened 6 times a few days ago. then 8 times yesterday. then about 100 times coming back from work...
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    duh weird headlight problem!!

    hello peeps, george in crawley, headlight comes on sometimes......driver's light. also ,other times it has a different mood - both lights will be off, then side lights ok, main beam ok, headlight stays OFF when normal night driving... just now i am carrying adjustable spanner in the...
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    death to the NATS!!!

    ok, got your attention? just a wee story... about a micra off the road for a long time. my car was suffering stuttering acceleration a while ago - especially uphill. 1. rac guy comes to sort it, got it going again - change the fuel filter and disable the immobiliser, says he. 2. change...
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    pls contact me immediately if you can help with car paralysed by immobiliser.

    hi george in crawley, jackson rd, rh11 9tj. 07941 771785. car won't start since wednesday because of immobiliser. i am desperate, pls call me if you can give good help, RAC guy says disconnect immob, i think his advice is good. if you can help i am prepared to pay you to come have a look...
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    please contact me immediately if you can help with car paralysed by immobiliser

    hi, george in crawley, car won't start , RAC guy says disconnect immob, if you can help then please do!! no start since wednesday, RAC diagnosis by physical checks yesterday, i live in jackson rd, crawley, rh11 9tj, my moby number is 07941 771785, pls get in touch pdq if you can give good...
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    help me disconnect the immobiliser!!!!!

    hello, george in crawley, need to disconnect the immob to get the car to start - but i'm having a bit of a prob trying to get diagrams from the net. i had no book in the car when i bought it 3 wks ago. any help mucho appreciated, george
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    me with fuel system pls.

    hi george here, tried to put a new fuel filter in the car yesterday - worked ok. then the car refused to start. new part being delivered from parts people tomo, a fuel pump. if this does not cure the prob with starting , what else can i try? relay for the pump? gmcn.
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    how to part number for micra profile 1999?

    hello, george here , new fuel filter today - fuel pump died when i put it in. anybody know where i can get a part number for the fuel pump? i am trying to beat the nissan dealer price, cheers, george
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    high fuel consumption, k11!!

    hi, george in crawley, high fuel to diagnose and fix? 't' reg profile, with 114k on the clock - i know, a lot!! i think the cons is about 28-30 mpg - this is very poor. i expected about 35-40 with the usage i am ''subjecting'' the car to. mostly urban and country lanes with...
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    help please?? leaking coolant.....stemy..

    hi from george in crawley, i have leaking coolant - steam comes into the car - above the radio when the car is idling as i work. when i have been driving and leave the car off for a while , the steam slowly forms at the front window, at the passenger side of the dash. i have a few questions...
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    hello! - also emergency advice pls!!

    hi from george in crawley, just joined today, hello! also....i need emergency advice on the micra i bought.... 't' reg micra profile, 16v with ignition probs... 1. after i bought it, the sales guy (typical darn dealer) told me i have to slowly turn the key to get the car to start. i...