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  1. Ceirwan

    Some sad news..

    Well I took the Super S in for its MOT yesterday and its not good news: It needs: - Tons of Welding - New track rod end - New tire (cut through to ply in existing one) - New ball joint - New wheel bearing - New washer bottle or repair existing one. - Exhaust bracket needs welding A...
  2. Ceirwan

    Super S Manifold, location and end fitting.

    Well, the backbox is finally disintegrating on the Super S, big style! So since I don't actually need a cat for MOT I was going to get a standard MA12 (non cat) exhaust fitted, my question is, will the the Super S manifold mate up fine with a non cat exhaust? Cheers Rich
  3. Ceirwan

    Down on Power, Up on fuel Consumption!

    Having a bit of trouble with the Super S. I'm only getting around 220miles to a tank, which when worked out is around 32-33 mpg, which IMO seems far too low, especially since a lot of my miles are dual carriageway at 60-65mph... Need some idea's as to what it could be, pretty sure its not...
  4. Ceirwan

    52mm Gauge Holders

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some 52mm gauge holders, but I'm after some which are recessed and angled. I want to put some gauges into the dash of the K10 above the glovebox area but with a say 30degree angle towards the driver to make them easier to see. I don't want them sticking out the dash...
  5. Ceirwan

    Overheating Issues!

    Well the car isn't proving as reliable this time round! A current issue is when I'm driving around town in stop start conditions the temperature of the engine slowly rises until its pretty much brushing the H mark, the fan doesn't come on and I have to use the manual switch that has been...
  6. Ceirwan

    K10 Handling and Ride Quality, input from experienced members appreciated!

    Thanks for the link Ed, I'm not THAT serious! If I had a super turbo or something then I'd consider that, unless I in future to do some serious modifications to this car it isn't worth that, I'll follow your advice and look up some information etc, I'm not after perfection, just a use able road...
  7. Ceirwan

    Ceirwans REVISED AND NEW Super S blog! :)

    Hey guys, Some of you may remember that I used to own Imps Super S before he bought it off me. Well I have now purchased it back because I was after a cheap runner that I knew was reliable while I get a load of other expensive stuff in my life sorted out. However I've decided I may as well...
  8. Ceirwan

    Returning to the fold! :)

    Well around about this time last year I sold the Super S to Steve (Imp) and well I've just agreed to buy it back as I'm after a cheap (but decent) car to get about in until I've got other things in my life sorted out. Currently want to move out, and get my boat finished, and the motorbike so...
  9. Ceirwan

    The NEW car! I trust you approve? :D

    Just put a deposit down to secure this BEAST! :) OMG I can't wait to go and pick it up, got butterflies in my stomach! :D
  10. Ceirwan

    Could be going Jap again! :)

    Well some of you know I turned to the darkside and got a Peugeot 106 Rallye, that was July. Since then i've had to: - Free off idle control valve - Free off some random sticking brake valve - Lots of random tiny things - New wheel bearing - Rear Beam for MOT <-- A whole new one! Ouch...
  11. Ceirwan

    Mighty Mods Finale...

    Anyone else watched this... Its awesome! :D The TRDLZR!
  12. Ceirwan

    The new car!

    Guys you won't be pleased with me! In my defense its rare (only 500 made in UK) and also an awesome drivers car!
  13. Ceirwan

    1992 Mk2 Starlet GT Turbo for Sale

    The time has come to sell my GT, while I love this car i'm planning a career change soon and basically need something that's a little more economical, cheaper to insure and cheaper so I can free up some money! I bought the car in march this year off a chap in Doncaster, and since then I have...
  14. Ceirwan

    MOT Time!

    Just had my car MOT'd, I knew it'd would need a fair bit of stuff so i've been hanging off on doing it till I have the full list then I can do it all and get the car tip top again! Its still a fairish amount: - Offside Rear Wheel Bearing (I knew one of them was noisy, apparantly its close to...
  15. Ceirwan

    Starlets and Fuel Cut

    Hi Ed. I thought i'd post this here because you deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis. I'm getting to the stage where I want to get more power from the GT, and I like things to be done properly. A lot of people say that when you start modifying, mani, exhaust, intake and then maybe...
  16. Ceirwan

    Turbo Cars and exhaust popping!

    Everyone else with turbo cars knows the score, you down shift and you get lovely burbling noise with the odd pop from the exhaust... And every now and then you get a really loud one, not a bang but a really loud burp or pop, it can happen on either the up or downshift. I've been...
  17. Ceirwan

    Those mad japanese!

    I was looking for starlet gt videos and found this! How crazy is that! Can you imagine what would be said if that video got on the english news as a british driver, there'd be calls for huge crackdown on speeders etc! In japan the other drivers...