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    High comp cga3

    Hi all, after advice please. Does anyone know if the comp height and pin dia is the same on cg10 and cga3 engines? Need to get more compression in a rally cga3 engine and was thinking the easiest way is to get a set of +1mm cg10 pistons. Any other suggestions? Cheers.
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    Front wishbones

    Anyone know what the difference is between the two types of wishbone listed for the Micra K11. Most motor factors don't list a wishbone for the facelift, Japarts show both and the differences aren't obvious and I was just wondering if the later ones could be considered an upgrade to the early...
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    Why are Micras so small?

    Spent a few hours pondering how to fit an electric steering pump to the redrallymicra, there just isn't enough room. Gonna have to stick with the mech power steering. Could do with a Micra Clubman! Does anyone here remember the Mini Clubman, it was the old classic Mini but with a different...
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    CGA3 head wanted

    As title says, cga3 head wanted for rally car engine rebuild, would consider complete engine if price is right. Contact on; [email protected]
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    1348 engine for project.

    1348 lump required, needs to be in southern England please. Emails to [email protected] please.
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    Crash damage/non runner/mot failure K11

    Ideally we're after a red K11 pre facelift with power steering to rob bits off to mend the rally car. Drivers side front end must be intact. Needs to be cheapish and in southern England. Email me with what you've got and what you want. [email protected] Cheers.
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    1.4 cga crank position sensor

    Would someone be able to post a picture of the crank position sensor on the coil pack engine please. Is it the same config for 1.0 and 1.4? Cheers.
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    Rally bumpercam.

    Here is complete footage from stage 2 of The Mini Tempest Stages, Longcross Test Track, Chobham viewed from a camera mounted in the bumper of our K11 rallycar. Sorry, Picture quality isn't great, but it was overcast and camera had already got wet!
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    Heater Fan Speed Resistor Board

    Does anyone know what component is under the little bogey on the fan speed board. I am suspecting it is a surface mount resistor, the only doubt in my mind is that all the current for the fan motor would be running through this (in first three speeds) and it seems too small watt wise. I've...
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    1.0 pistons in a 1.3

    I see this has been covered a few times before, but does anyone have this mod running and by any chance was the compression ratio measured / calculated while the engine was apart. Also whats the valve / piston clearance like? Are all 1.0 pistons flat tops?
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    Cylinder head, spark plug 'tubes'

    Can anybody suggest a way to get the 'tubes' that are in the head around and above the spark plugs out? I want to get the head skimmed and I am assuming these need to come out so the head can sit flat on the mill bed. I have tried 'gentle' persuasion with stilsons; no go! Any non-damaging...
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    CG13 Rev limiter removal by distributor modifications.

    Someone told me of a mod that can be done to the inside of the distributor on a cg13 that removes the 6k5 rev limit. I'm a bit reluctant to say here what it is, but has anyone reading this heard of it? I don't understand how the ecu reacts to the changed signal.
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    Micra rally engine

    CG13 Rally Engine Mods. We've been rallying our Micra for almost a year now with generally good results. When we built the car the plan was to run the standard engine for the first year; the car is fitted with a Harry Hockley 5 speed straight cut dog box and gripper LSD. We have a spare cg13...