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    car radio code

    can any one help me to find my car radio code the numbers i got scrolling through the service button on my micra sport2006+ 1450cc are as follows 5624 A65 69673925 X11A thanks in anticipation the unit is a 6disc +radio as in the nissan note here,s hoping
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    my micra steering makes a slighte knocking sound when i turn steering left or right sounds as though its coming from top of system just inside top and bottom covers could this be a bolt that just needs tightend any advice would be welcome
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    air con

    can any one advise me i have de gassed my air con ready to isolate it as my compressor is capute and not worth the exspense of a new or recon one what i would like to know is what type of bracket i will need and also size of drive belt to by pass air con system
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    air con removal

    anyone got knowledge of the type of bracket i need to replace old one on my 2006 sport +as i am about to take out air/con also type of belt ie size ect just had it degassed for free at kwick fit
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    needing help to remove ac system
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    is there club members in glasgow