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  1. Vitus992

    Penetrating fluid

    I decided to repair the return spring on the gear lever so had to remove the heat shield. I had had a look at the bolts a few days ago and they didnt look to clever. I did a search for "best penetrating fluid" and what came up was a bit of a surprise. A lot of people recommend 50 - 50 acetone/...
  2. Vitus992

    How to reset the Airbag light

    I did post these instructions at the end of a thread about removing an SRS steering wheel but though I would create a separate thread. Once I had removed the steering wheel and reassembled, I think because I drove the car with the airbag disconnected the airbag warning light would not go off...
  3. Vitus992

    My Micra 160SR for sale £1750

    Some of you may remember me from a while back and you were all great in steering me on the way looking after my 160sr especially Guys amazing Micra website. Due to circumstances changing with a great deal of sorrow Im letting her go for a diesel. 05 Plate under 64000 miles about 5 months mot...
  4. Vitus992

    Price for a 160sr clutch :(

    Not happy with the clutch - occasional niggles. Called Mr Clutch for a quote £479!!! But that does includ a new slave cylinder as well - I was told.. FFS!!
  5. Vitus992

    TRying to get my head around multi flash pictures - and a Karman Ghia!

    Hi All Trying to sort out using more than 1 flash for car shots, what you think?
  6. Vitus992

    First mot Saturday

    All a bit of an unknown quantity as its the first one since I got it, will keep you posted!
  7. Vitus992

    Kop Hill climb image heavy

    I think the website describes it better than I could: Kop Hill, Princes Risborough is one of the oldest Hill Climb venues in England, it was one of several hill climbs in the Chilterns and the first recorded races were in 1910. It became a major event on the motor sports car and motorcycle...
  8. Vitus992

    Set of alloys on ebay..

    Seems a fair price if anyone interested: No I have nothing to do with the sale!
  9. Vitus992

    Juddering under acceleration

    This morning, when accelerating the car was juddering quite badly and felt like it had flat spots through accellaration and crusing at low revs. It felt like fuels starvation or some sort of electrical issue. No lights on the dashboard and the engine sounded fine, any ideas...its the first wet...
  10. Vitus992

    Just used this lot for spares to service my car. Next day delivery and all look to be genuine nissan parts at reasonable prices (plugs of ebay though!). And no I dont have anything to do with them!!
  11. Vitus992

    Break squeal

    Since getting my 160sr the front breaks have had a nasty squeal on the intial part of travel ( unless I break hard). I was hoping it was jusy a glazing issue and a few heavy breakinigs would clear the issue but no. So is it a case of new pads or discs as well? And I wonder if there is a...
  12. Vitus992

    Blood boiling

    Out to my car this morning to find someone has bashed in to the rear quater. Its only neighbours who park near by. I hope the person I think it is has the decency to pop in this evening and have the danglies to own up. Accidents happen - its a fact of life which I can live with but spineless...
  13. Vitus992

    A general observation

    I'm now quite aged I'm sure in this forum at 45 years old. I had my little K11 Micra and I was pretty anonymous in that, occasionally morons would pull out in front of you or try and get around you in rather dangerous ways - nothing new there. I now have a K12 160SR which I really enjoy...
  14. Vitus992

    SR spare wheel

    I have one of those awful wheelbarrow spare wheels. I have just got a spare alloy the same as the rest on my 160sr (16 inch with a 185 tyre). It will fit in the tyre well but wont go flush with the floor of the car. How is it done on the Sport SR, do they have a different boot liner?
  15. Vitus992

    Bring back hanging!

    This is my girlfriends car: Not everyones cup of tea but she absolutely loves it, to afford it she had to give up quite a few luxuries and there will not be holidays for a few years but she accepts it and enjoys owning it. Always washing it, carfull where it is parked - you know the sort...
  16. Vitus992

    160sr sparkplug changing guide

    Not mine - im certainly not brave enough yet but I found a tutorial - its on a nissan note but it is the same engine:
  17. Vitus992

    A little gallery of my car

    on my website: Hope you like them Daren
  18. Vitus992

    And here it is!

    After a wash, claybar, paint treatment, polish and a wax this is what she looks like. I love it, the handling and the performance - nothing outrageous but for the money it is a bargain: First proper run in it tomorrow - off to Brighton.
  19. Vitus992

    parrot MKI9000 and double din cd player

    Would like to get the parrot MKI9000 in my K12, it has the double din 6 cd changer, is this a "reasonably" straight forward job or is this best left to "them that know". Thanks to the great tutorial on I have no worry about accessing the head unit but will I be...
  20. Vitus992

    Off to see a 160sr tomorrow - any thing to look for?

    As the title says, anything to I need to pay attention to? It was going to be a diesel, no idea how I got here!