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    160SR buying advice

    Hi all, After a few years after selling my 1.2 K12 I am now looking at going back to a K12 as I now have a much shorter commute to work. I've seen a couple of 160SR's. One is 2005 for £999 but has quite high miles (133K) but looks in great condition. Could anyone give me some advice on the...
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    Interior Light Cluster Removal And Repair Guide

    Hi all, I've now found the time to put together another guide for my Nissan Micra K12. A while after purchasing the car I realised that the interior light did not work when the switch was in the door activated position. The light worked when switched to the manual on position. I thought at...
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    Throttle Body Removal and Cleaning Guide

    Hi all, I've been having some throttle response problems (flat spot), juddering issues at certain revs and poorer fuel economy on my Micra K12 2003 1.2 petrol. I tried to find a guide online that would help me remove and clean the throttle body but I couldn't find anywhere that could show me...
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    Passenger Door Will Not Unlock

    Hi all, I have a 2003 Micra K12 1.2 SE 3 door with keyless entry. It's my first Nissan and is generally a great little car. When I purchased the car some time ago the passenger door would not unlock with the unlock button on the fob or from the keyless entry button on the drivers door so I...