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  1. SuperUno

    Metal fuel line for E10 Petrol?

    Not possible to do it fully, rally cars often use microbore copper water pipes to reroute fuel lines inside the car (to avoid damage), but you still need some short rubber pipes to allow for movement and connecting.
  2. SuperUno

    K11 can they take E10 petrol?

    Or run on Super unleaded which is max E5 and normally E0
  3. SuperUno

    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Great work as ever Paul, I'm just glad I run rally cars where I don't have to worry about the state of the paintwork, as long as its one colour and it keeps the rust a bay thats all that counts. Scratches and marks, are all 'war wounds' of competition! :)
  4. SuperUno

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Not today but yesterday was all about this in the Micra...
  5. SuperUno

    K11 running poorly..still :-(( losing hope...

    Check the compression levels
  6. SuperUno

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Not today but Saturday's rallying - stage 3.
  7. SuperUno

    Kill switch

    Where the radio was is a good place to mount it, cut the battery positive wire plus the ignition live from the ignition switch.
  8. SuperUno

    Raised Bonnet to Clear ITB's

    I think @pollyp has raised his bonnet. I have done this to out ZR and it works fine.
  9. SuperUno

    Vauxhall engine swap

    Not an engine swap that has been done to my knowledge.
  10. SuperUno

    Part number sec440

    Never caused an issue, even with the heat from our brakes which will often make the discs glow red hot.
  11. SuperUno

    k11 micra 1.4 engine mods?

    I rally a Micra you can find details here : You can contact Matt H here :
  12. SuperUno

    k11 micra 1.4 engine mods?

    Matt Humph in Oxford is your man for this.
  13. SuperUno

    Part number sec440

    Referring to your muddy field part, I removed them on our rally car and this spends half its life in muddy conditions so it won’t be an issue.
  14. SuperUno

    Part number sec440

    No need for them, it won’t be a MOT fail either. It reduces chances of brake fade as the brakes will cool better.
  15. SuperUno

    noisy brake discs

    Is the noise there only when you press the brakes or all the time? If only when you press the brakes, then a bit of cooper slip/grease on the back, and slider parts of the pads will solve it. If all the time then it is more likely a wheel bearing.
  16. SuperUno

    Juddering and overheating

    It must be leaking somewhere then! Get it warm and see where it is leaking from. Cardboard under the engine bay is a useful to spot where drips are coming from but loosing this amount will be more than a drip!
  17. SuperUno

    Bike throttle bodies inlet length? CGA3

    I don't profess to understand all of this, but Dave Walker is a guru of mapping, so this is worth a read :
  18. SuperUno

    1.4 CGA3 N/A Build - High compression psi

    It is also about the balance across all 4 cylinders, if they are all roughly around the 190psi mark then the rings etc... are all healthy.