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  1. xXturtleXx91

    F/S: genuine nismo spoiler, black

    Item: genuine nismo spoiler, black Location: egham Condition: used Reason for selling: no longer needed Price: £130 plus p+p Nismo spoiler, has cf wrap over break light. Pics to follow
  2. xXturtleXx91

    F/S: rollcage

    Item: rollcage Location: egham Condition: uses Reason for selling: no longer needed Price: £130 +p&p Rollcage could do with a respray, slight bend going across windscreen bardue to size collection would be preferable. Cant imagine postage would be cheap.
  3. xXturtleXx91

    F/S: front coillies

    Item: front coillies Location: egham Condition: used Reason for selling: no longer needed Price: £30 Front coilies, pic to follow collection preferably
  4. xXturtleXx91

    F/S: electric mirrors including dash swithch

    Item: electric mirrors including dash swithch Location: egham Condition: used Reason for selling: no longer needed Price: £20 Electric mirrors+ switch. Not including postage, pics to follow
  5. xXturtleXx91

    F/S: Breaking standard blue 2002 nissan micra,

    Item: Breaking standard blue 2002 nissan micra, Location: egham, surrey Condition: used Reason for selling: no longer able to drive Price: 1 Car only has 42,000 on the clock cant be driven away as was in the middle of an sr20 conversion but am happy to sell the sr with the car complete...
  6. xXturtleXx91

    p11 primera gt wanted

    As title, primera gt wanted as donor car
  7. xXturtleXx91

    sr20 build

    Hi guys. As i cant drive for a while (medical reasons) I'm going to do an sr20 engine conversion. next month in gonna start the conversion, but need abit of advice first.i know it would involve more work but would it be easier to get hold of an sr20de ant turbo it rather than an sr20det? And as...
  8. xXturtleXx91


    I left my ignition on and flattened the battery, only so low the engine wouldn't crank. I got it jumped and now its running again. if i was to leave it running a while will the alternator recharge the battery enough for a reliable start??
  9. xXturtleXx91

    after some parts

    Hi guys does anyone know of somewhere breaking a v reg caddy van. IM in need of a drivers wing and mirror.
  10. xXturtleXx91

    starting issues

    I need help, i had starting issues with the micra (1.0 coilpack) I've changed the alternator and starter motor but the car still doesn't turnover. battery is reading just over 12v, maybe its lost the guts to turn the engine over??? Any help asap please!!!
  11. xXturtleXx91

    starter motor

    Right I've eliminated everything and its the starter motor that's faulty. But i cannot get it off for the life of me. both bolts are off and both cables have been removed . I've wiggled it, tugged on it, yanked it and hit it and its not budging. how can i get it off. Please help im about to lose...
  12. xXturtleXx91


    See the housings for standard manual and electric mirrors the same???
  13. xXturtleXx91


    Please bear with me on this one as i know its been discussed to death, been brought back to life and to death again, but i want to put 1.3 cams in my 1.0 and really really don't want to f##k it up. i am mechanically capable of doing it but talk to me like im stupid what do i have to do on the swap.
  14. xXturtleXx91

    mid spoiler

    As in title, micra mid spoiler wanted
  15. xXturtleXx91

    wtd: 1.3 cams

    Also can anyone just clarify for me that the ecu wont through a wobbly with different cams, there going in a 1litre coilpack engine
  16. xXturtleXx91

    wtd: first and second cat

    As title
  17. xXturtleXx91


    Hi guys and girls, I'm think about starting my own flocking business if I was to how many would be interested? THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISMENT!! I'm just gauging interest.
  18. xXturtleXx91

    HELP ME!!!

    Hi I've got starting issues with the micra. Went to start it and the battery was flat as assholes, hasn't been used in a while so I fully expected that to happen. Put my battery starter on, and when u went to turn it over a horrific werring sound came from the engine and it refused to run. It...
  19. xXturtleXx91

    Will these fit?

    Hi guys and gals, Will these rear coilovers fit the micra?? Or if anyone knows of any for sale...
  20. xXturtleXx91

    low idle

    hi as in title my micra has a really low idle speed, as if its on the verge of stalling, its a 2003 facelift. can anyone shead some light on how to remedy this??? thanks in advance!!!