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    The Romance - watch this space

    Well a friend of mine is in a band which over the past year have became increasingly popular around the country, and now have been signed to warner and will have a single out in october. They shot their first video to the debut single 2 weeks ago... watch this space because they are guna b big...
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    hey hey look whos back

    hey guys... i aint been on here since may it seems.. iv been really busy with uni stuff and work and things so aint really been about.. but im back now.. bit ov an update 4 yas who do remember/kno me who are actually interested... i do still have the micra.. i have now graduated from the...
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    Recommendations 4 new CD player?

    well im after a new cd player in a few weeks and im just wondering what people would recommend? im after spendin ideally bout 150 but willing to spend a bit more if i have to. The only thing i would say i really want is that it plays mp3s too other than that im not fussy as to what features it...
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    help buying digital camera

    hi guys... well its my 21st next week and i am getting a new digital camera off my parents.... the two which i have been looking at so far are Fujifilm Z1 and Sony Cybershot T5 was just wondering if people knew anywhere to get cameras at a reasonable price... ro could reccomment any other...
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    is someone really that silly?

    Well iv had rid of the venoms off my car for a good while now... theyve just been stuck in the garage... didnt even bother tryin to sell them! and my mate txt me the other day saying he knows some1 wanting to buy them! so without any effort i finally gettin rid of them.... £50 aint bad either...
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    The Cheek of some people!!!

    Well my mam woke me up this morning sayin 'sum1 nearly crashed into ur car'.... me not being v well at all was like oh right.... looked outa window theres 2 cars that had crashed rite outside... and one was rite next to my car.... my mam went out and asked if it had hit mine... some guy who was...
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    EVO magazine

    Does anyone have a copy of the September issue of Evo magazine? There are pictures of my friends and a writeup of the car hes been working on for farbourds and he decided to tell me 2 days before the new issue came out. Does anyone have a copy that they have read and dont need anymore? dont...
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    NE Meet... what should we do?

    Ok guys.... lets try let this meet organise itself as much as poss seeing as neils a busy bee atm... as he always does lots of good work lets help him out a little. First poll to decide the activity... once we have decided this then we can work on deciding the date that suits every1.
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    15" Alloys for sale

    yes i have finally got some new alloys!! so the venoms are up for sale! not sure ill get any interest but worth a try!! TSW venoms 15" open to offers (and plz no1 b silly and offer 10p or summin lol) collection or meet only as i dont want the fuss having to post them. Im up in north east...
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    2 k11s spotted

    well spotted 2 k11s the pat few days one was a black SR which was in hartlepool, this actually had PINK bump strips!!! dont think it anyone off here but thought id ask? also a fairly modded white k11 in Seaton on tuesday night. didnt get a proper look as it was when i drove passed and when...
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    Weird Squeeking! help?

    well i was driving along earlier and noticed a squeeking noise coming from the outside of my car. on investigating further it seems that its mainlt when im not accelerating. Does any1 have any ideas what this could be from that vaugue description?? O.o
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    time 4 respray? colour ideas please

    well as iv just got myself a fulltime job for over the summer i think money 4 a respray will be looking good. Im not sure what im thinking colourwise as of yet... got few different ideas floating around but would like peoples oppinions on them and also ideas from people please? :) well heres...
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    Spoiler on Ebay

    well found this while was browsing ebay thought someone might be interested? ebay link
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    15 Alloys FS

    ok ok i know they are venoms but someone might want them right? im getting some new wheels hopefully will get them this week.... so i just looking to see if anyone would be interested in mine? they are 15s and are TSW venoms, to b honest they have got a fair bit of damage. 2 tyres are ok...
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    wanted: alloys

    well i kno iv been looking around and posting some alloys i had in mind recently... but not sure i can afford to be buying new ones afterall after my recent accident with my car. so does anyone at all have any alloys for sale... preferable 15s with decent tread? thanks danni
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    White Interior -help needed

    well im looking into slowly starting to mod the interior of my car seeing as i have my bluckets on the way soon. What i am wanting is a black and white interior so what i am wanting to know is does anyone at all know where i can find white parts.... as i cannot seem to find any. The things i...
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    My poor car :(

    well as a few of you that were at Donny are aware... my car is not looking its best at the moment! friday night i had a bit of a bump at the top of my drive... my own silly fault for not payin enough attention. at the top of my drive my dad was parked... and for me to get to where i normally...
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    night at neils

    well just wanted to say thanks to neil for puttin up with a few of us north east lot tonight. was a night aimed at gettin together as its your bday this month... but as it aint till later in the month ill pop up with a pressy nearer the date:P was a really fun night and good for few of us...
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    Happy 18th G Man

    well as ur msn name keeps remindin everyone ur now a man!! happy birthday hun hope u have a wicked time danni :devil:
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    oppinions on wheels plz?

    well im browsing about at the moment trying to find some new alloys... i have come across these ones reasonable cheap so was just wondering what other people thought of them? [attachment=590] cheers danni