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  1. Kefke

    Another wheel topic - Fitment Nissan Almera wheels

    Hi All, I just remembered that the Nissan Almera had nice wheels. Did anybody saw a Micra with those wheels? The thing is, I need another set of wheels for the Micra. Now we have very small original wheels on our 1.0 Micra and the tires have much profile but don't grip anymore (old) So now I...
  2. Kefke

    Micra K11 doesn't start after short drive - Start only with open airbox

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my 1.0 k11 '98. This has been the 2nd time in a short periode that when I start the car cold, move it some meters and power it off again the car won't start the day after. When I open the airbox it starts with much effort. I noticed before that it smokes sometimes...
  3. Kefke

    Introducing: Kefke from Belgium

    Hi all, I'm Kevin F and I'm from Belgium. Since I was little I'm a Toyota Enthusiast ("Micra is a Nissan Stupid!" - I know, hang on please :D ) My first car was a Toyota Carina II 2.0D, afterwards I found a identical 1.6i which I'm now swapping a 4A-GE 20V in. It's not the fastest car but, it...