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    K12 Handbrake stopping power

    Get two new hub nuts and remove the outer drums, as this is a powerful shoe brake system for the light K12, As is usual people tend to not check the working components as is common with these,it is: "out of sight is out of mind" the shoes and mechanisms need checking and cleaning ever time you...
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    E10 in a K12

    E10 fuel works well on none carburettor models fuel injection is the way to go, thankfully my Micra is diesel, but my other Suzuki's are petrol which will work ok, but I will be using premium unleaded anyway. here is a list of car Manufactures recommendations in relation to E10 fuel. :unsure:
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    E10 fuel is being rolled out in the UK soon, which is 90% and 10% ethanol blended, Nissan say...

    E10 fuel is being rolled out in the UK soon, which is 90% and 10% ethanol blended, Nissan say there car built from 2004 are ok to run on this mixed petrol, but before this date you will have to use the super unleaded which will be staying at 5% ethanol, has anyone any thoughts on this? :unsure:
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    Dashboard blue/red coolant temperature light - not blue on my new K12?

    The whole idea of changing light colours ito monitor engine temperature is fine when new, but as electronics age there is always some failures. OBD2 monitors add much needed live information and lets you know if there is a real concern or not. I recommend these to all Micra owners if there...
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    2007 K12 Micra C+C Automatic

    I can only confirm that I suffered with similar problems, and after completely stripping the steering and suspension out of corroded parts that I was able to narrow the problem of creaking and knocking from the front. 1) generally any clicking noises whilst steering and turning are down to the...
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    Whats the difference between the 65hp 1.2L K12 (2003) ECU and the 80hp 1.2L K12 (2003) ECU

    You first need to look at the emissions for each models, as they might have different (£) classes. As for boosting the horsepower without interfering with the ecu and the set up issues you may encounter, best to do a full engine service including the air filter and then use a nitros fuel...
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    Swap engine 1.4 to 1.6 (k12)

    Yes that is good advice, to change the engine and cpu to run it, will be a nightmare if you are a novice, also the suspension and braking system would need a complete overhaul & upgrade, consider a nitro additive in the fuel and iridium spark plugs for starters. also a full engine service, would...
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    Try this site and look at the diagram to see which part is for replacing, and a part number at the side, using google and the part number this will help to narrow down the manufactures of the seal you require, hope it helps.:unsure:
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    try ebay, they have different sizes and profiles for sale, so measure the size and take note of the profile ( the shape of the end of the weather strip) they sell any length once you get the correct measurements, cheaper than Nissan main stealers. :unsure:
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    OBD2 ELM327 scanner

    I have my Scanner plugged in constantly and Its been stood all winter apart from starting up once a month and its no problem, but I have a large battery reserve on my diesel so not sure if this will drain more on a smaller battery unit?:unsure:
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    Dashboard blue/red coolant temperature light - not blue on my new K12?

    Yes that is probably right, however from a design point of view ,because the Micra lacks a temp gauge ( big mistake in my view) the circuits should glow up in one colour or another when cold and red when over temperature. The OBD2 monitor cuts out this problem and monitors the live feeds from...
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    Dashboard blue/red coolant temperature light - not blue on my new K12?

    My micra is a 2006 1.5 diesel sports, and yes it did have a blue coolant light untill one day its stopped coming on, also the outside temp readout also did not work, I remember it caused some annoyance at the time as the diesel in cold weather takes ages to warm up, these lights and readouts are...
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    Dashboard blue/red coolant temperature light - not blue on my new K12?

    I had same problem with my diesel micra and investigated, turns out the whole unit required replacing!!, other than the blue coolant light not coming on its no problem for me now, get one of the OBD2 monitors and will give you the exact read out of all parameters, never looked back since...
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    Clutch Release Judder / Thumping

    Sound like you may need a new clutch soon, as the clutch wears and the diaphram plate weakens you get this type of juddering effect, just replaced my Suzuki one for doing the same. It's not imminent but come summer you may want to think about changing them.:unsure:
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    K12 factory Workshop Manual Here:

    glad its worked, great manual for all of us.(y)
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    K12 factory Workshop Manual Here:

    open the file and click on "05k12e" and then select "fwd" in the list and this is the quick index for the various categories.;)
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    K12 Side Skirts

    Glad the info helped you out.:)
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    K12 Side Skirts

    Side Skirts for the K12 Micra are pretty hard to find, However the part No for these are: 76850 BC4 & 76851 BC4. I have also located some but you will have to have them sprayed to match the colour of your car.:unsure...
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    K12 factory Workshop Manual Here:

    I have just read through this and I recommend all owners to get a copy if they are mechanically minded. It saves time and prevents wasted money being thrown at garages with some, there only mission is to fleece owners of the K12's:)
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    K12 factory Workshop Manual Here:

    I have just tried this site and it downloads ok: