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    K11 Pre-Facelift (non sunroof) Wanted

    I am after a K11 Pre-Facelift (non sunroof) Micra! A rolling chassis would be ideal but it must have a minimal amount of rust. That is the essential part. Lets see what you've got. Thanks
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    Looking for an ANK11 - 3 door, help an oldie out please!

    Guys, whether this is the right forum section to post this or not, I felt that this area would get the most attention and hopefully would have the most luck. I am looking for an ANK11 chassis car, 3 door, colour is irrelevant. Whether I have to import one or not is not an issue, but anything...
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    Good to be back Home!

    Looks like I'll be back in the game again very soon! Plenty of ideas at the moment but all I'll say is that it will go beyond the performance of 'Little Bandit' Updates will follow in the future! Good to be back guys! :)
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    Final footage from Little Bandit - RIP

    Hey guys... I finally received my TOTB6 DVD on Saturday and with permission, have uploaded some footage of the car onto Youtube. What really made the DVD special for me was that during an interview with a random selection of people, the host...
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    K11 Rear Axle Complete

    I have a K11 rear axle for sale, complete with virtually brand new Super S calipers, discs, pads and braided hoses for sale. Braking parts have covered approx. 100 miles, with virtually no wear. £200 collected. PM if interested! Cheers Dave
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    Cobra Bucket Seats & Harnesess...suit K11

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    Greddy E-manage (BLUE) & Harnesses for Sale.

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    K11 Performance Parts

    All Parts Sold!!!
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    Little Bandit Is Dead!!!

    Pictures & explanation to follow!
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    WOW...3 Wheeled Micra!!!

    HA HA...GOT YA!!!
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    K11 Rear Suspension Lowering Springs

    Long shot I know but I require a set of rear lowering springs for a K11 Micra. Anyone have a set that they are no longer using or need? Cheers Dave
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    Knockhill is so much fun!!!

    Well, yesterday I finally realised what I had been missing for nearly 18 months as I took the newly prepped setup (kind of) out on track. I did 5 sessions (10 laps each) in all, completing each session without an issue (mechanical wise). For the first 3 sessions, I was trying to get used...
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    Speedfest @ Knockhill - 17th June 2007

    Anyone else going to this event next Sunday! Was going to go on track as long as it's dry! Anyone up for it?
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    A few pic's from Banzai @ Crail

    Just a few pictures of the new look for 'LB' yesterday at the Banzai event @ Crail... No traction till 3rd gear as I expected on the Toyo R888's, but it still ran a 12.9 @ 121 mph (3rd & final run)(way too busy) with the extra weight of the new goodies, plus the passenger seat &...
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    A few pictures of the bodywork progress!

    Just a few pictures of the bodywork to house the drag radials and give the intercooler better air flow. Cheers Dave
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    Pics of my Bogart Wheels & Drag tyres

    BF Goodrich TA Force Drag Radial 2 (275/50/15) Damn, that's a deep dish!!! The old wing fitted, hence why we have some work to do...LOL!!! Hope you like!!! Cheers Dave
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    I need a big favour (photoshop people req')

    Can someone show me what my car would look like using this picture, both all in black & another showing all in red. Would be a big help to me... THANKS THANKS THANKS!!! Cheers Dave
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    Little Bandit - Progress for 2007 Season

    As some of you may or may know, I will be competing at this year's TOTB 6 Event in Elvington. Many of you will know that this is the event to compete in to show what your car can do. After a number of trips back to Knockhill last season, I found that I had missed doing the circuit racing, as...
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    K11 Rear Strut Brace

    Does anyone know of any company that can provide me with a K11 rear strut brace? Thanks Dave
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    Does anyone have access to these front wings and front bumper?

    If anyone can source me a set of front wings like these or the bodykit or anything close, then please tell me or contact me via... [email protected] Thanks Dave