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  1. Mach1

    6 Speed gearbox

    Hi, Has any one fitted a 6 speed gearbox to the 1.5 diesel? I am considering grafting one on to my Micra to lower to revs on high speed cruising and wondered if this has been attempted before?o_O
  2. Mach1

    Parts list for Micra

    Hi, I enclose the following info as a number of members are struggling with what parts can fit the K12. hope the information is helpful. Nissan Micra (K12) 1461cc Diesel 63Kw (86BHP) Engine Code K9K 276 Front brake discs:- 40206-AX600 (260mm Dia x 22mm thick)...
  3. Mach1

    Speaker upgrade

    Hi, Has anyone know where to get some speaker connectors, I am removing the four 6.6"speakers and have looked for connectors to fit the old wiring connector to the spade connectors on the new speakers, as cant find them anywhere, only ones that look similar are for the old Honda's. Cheers
  4. Mach1

    water temp guage

    Hi, been trying to get my temp gauge to work with no success, and as i am now full of flue i am giving up on this one. but wondered if any one has fitted an after market gauge and if so what is the best type. Thanks for any advice
  5. Mach1

    drilled front discs

    Hi, has anyone tried drilled and grooved front disc brakes, my braking power is not upto the job with the sharpe braking needed out there with the traffic. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Mach1

    engine temperature lights

    Hi everyone, recently bought a 1.5 diesel sport micra beautiful machine. but the blue engine cold engine light doesn't come on, Could anyone help as I am worried this same light that turns red if engine is overheating might not work either.