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    Middle silencer problem (probably)

    Thank you for the help. The garage charged about £60 in the end. A bit more than I had hoped but they said they had to drill out the bolts in the end. So close to £90 including the part. Still at least its done and it was the correct part so thankyou for that idea. The exhaust actually broke...
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    Middle silencer problem (probably)

    Thank you. I have purchased the part. It does look like the right one. Unfortunately I can't shift the bolts. It feels like I will break something on the exaust first. So to the garage I must crawling go. I assume it is right that the only thing holding up the middle exhaust section are the...
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    Middle silencer problem (probably)

    My 2002 k11 998c hatchback has started to rattle and sound rather like a supercharged formula one car. I have spotted that at the front of the middle silencer the pipe entering it has come loose instead of being all one part. I'm not completely sure what keeping it all up, some remaining inner...
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    hazzard and indicators not working

    I have a k11 mk2 micra. The indicators started not always working the other day and have now stopped working all together. Pressing the hazard button no longer does anything. It does not even light up. I bought a second hand hazard button off ebay but it does not light up either or do...