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  1. MicrAde

    K10 wanted :)

    Long time no see everybody :/ Does anyone have a decent K10 for sale? Must be manual, taxed & tested so ready to go. Short notice I know but would ideally be available this weekend :O Cheers, Ade :)
  2. MicrAde

    Alto springs

    For sale are a pair of Suzuki Alto rear springs to lower your K11 while retaining ride comfort. These were bought brand new, not scrapyard specials ;) and were fitted for only a few months so are in excellent condition. Willing to do them for £35 posted (postage quote is £12.92 :eek: ) Price...
  3. MicrAde

    Ade's SR

    As I now need a more pensioner friendly (my parents not me!) vehicle my SR is now sadly for sale. It has covered 112,000 miles approximately but still drives superbly. It is MOT'd till July 2014 and taxed till end of December so is ready to to go. Not gonna go into too much detail on the specs...
  4. MicrAde

    F/S: 14" alloys and tyres

    Item: 14 inch alloys and tyres Location: Sheffield Condition: Used Reason for selling: I now have ridiculously bright orange rims :D Price: £100 ono 4x genuine Nissan alloys with tyres. Recently refurbed in metallic steel grey but have some scratches from dumb ass tyre fitters :rolleyes...
  5. MicrAde

    F/S: FS Various used K11 parts

    Item: FS Various used K11 parts Location: Sheffield Condition: Good used condition, all parts from known working vehicles Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements Price: £0 Power steering pump £10 Coolant tank, no damage but no cap £7 Heater resistor card £10 K&N...
  6. MicrAde

    F/S: Facelift front foglights

    Item: Facelift front foglights Location: Sheffield Condition: Used but good condition Reason for selling: No longer have a facelift Price: £50 A pair of front foglights for facelift K11, complete with wiring and rare as rocking horse doo doo light stalk ;) Price is collection from...
  7. MicrAde

    F/S: FS: Cherry Bomb backbox

    Item: Cherry Bomb backbox Location: Sheffield Condition: Boxed new Reason for selling: No longer required/bought Harlens exhaust :) Price: £25 As above, box is a little tatty Collection from Sheffield is preferred, if delivery is required it will obviously be at additional cost
  8. MicrAde

    Ade's SR

    Guess who's back, back again... Ade is back, tell a friend..... ;) Owing to an unfortunate series of events I found myself once more needing a car, so what car would fulfil my needs?? A micra of course :D I'd like to introduce you to my latest acquisition but first of all I would like to...
  9. MicrAde

    Sad day

    Been a very sad day today, said goodbye to an old friend :'( Going to its final resting place of K R Autos scrapyard tomorrow. Of all the cars I have owned this is the only one that I feel any emotional attachment to and tbh I'm gutted :'(
  10. MicrAde

    Gear lever return spring

    Does anybody have a gear lever return spring they are willing to sell? Hunted high and low for one today and the only place I could find any springs at all is machine mart but I'll be fooked if I'm buying a box of 200!! :eek: Thanks peeps :)
  11. MicrAde

    Tyre scraping

    Ok, so I have a 99 k11 that is lowered at the rear on std springs with 2 coils removed and corsa shocks. The axle shift has been (slightly over)corrected with frankstyle offset bushes. Now, the issue is that, when 'pressing on' :rolleyes: particularly through fast left handers, if I hit a bump...
  12. MicrAde

    Flywheel differences

    I know, I know, flywheels are covered a lot but I just want to be absolutely sure as it could save me some money (and you all know about yorkshiremen and saving tuppence eh :D ) I have a prefacelift CG13 to go into my facelift K11 and from what I remember they both use the 180mm clutch and...
  13. MicrAde

    What colour for my alloys?

    Needing some input guys n gals for a colour for my alloys :) Apologies for quality of colours/images, I'm not a gimp expert and its the best I could do. Gives an idea though.......... First Contender SILVER Next Contender WHITE Finally ANTHRACITE/GREY If anyone has any other ideas then please...
  14. MicrAde

    Preparing for welding

    As some of you nice people may have noticed I have just found a couple of areas of my K11 that require a little attention from a welder.:( Now, me being cheap I will probably be undertaking this myself :rolleyes: so my question is, as it will be mig welding, what precautions do I need to...
  15. MicrAde

    Franks bushes

    I have now got springs/shocks to enable me to lower my k11 but I'm going to need something to correct the axle shift that comes with lowering. As funds are (very) tight at the moment, until I can afford to get a 'Noddie Rod' ;), I am wanting some 'Franks bushes' If anybody has a set laying...
  16. MicrAde

    SR breaking Sheffield

    Anybody in Sheffield wanting prefacelift parts try KR Autos on Queens Road, Heeley. While I was there looking for a heater card this morning a turquoise SR was brought in complete, only thing missing is heater card :rolleyes: It has standard SR alloys, obviously full SR interior including green...
  17. MicrAde


    Right, before anyone starts shouting at me to 'use the search function' I already have but this is slightly different. Every search I have checked regarding heater card is because the blower has only worked on position 4. Mine is working only on positions 3 and 4. Is it still likely its the...
  18. MicrAde

    What the hell have I done?!

    As I'm sure most of you will know I have been a member on here for over 12 months and I must say its been great :D. Having recently sold my K10, fate has dictated that I haven't gone very far........................;)
  19. MicrAde

    K11 wanted :)

    Okay so my nephew has finally seen the light and has decided his Poogeot 106 has to go after 1 too many ridiculous garage bills :mad:. He is now looking to replace it with a k11 :D so if anybody has anything decent round about £600 ish then let me know. Cheers...
  20. MicrAde

    Lumpy idle

    First of all happy new year to everybody :D Second of all the title isn't a description of me, though I have eaten well over the festive period ;). Anyways, having replaced my leaking water pump with a new one, problem solved, no more leak :D when I came to refit the timing belt I had a mare in...