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  1. jim_bling

    hey hey hey

    well this is a blast from the past just thought i would log in while i have a spare minute of my busy schedule to see how every one is doing who is still here then i see james and arnie are but who else are who has moved on etc would be great to hear from the lads i havnt got on fb
  2. jim_bling

    why did you use that user name for?

    jim_bling i got jim from a lad from work as he said i reminded him of jim off american pie and then i got the bling bit when he seenme down the town while out shoping and i have some big bling ( bretling navitime watch, dress like 50 cent eminem ) and he then said to me its jimmy bling so jim...
  3. jim_bling

    hey i had the kit first he bought my whole car off me and the fog lights were from halfords

    hey i had the kit first he bought my whole car off me and the fog lights were from halfords
  4. jim_bling

    Project Firefly

    i think that kit would look loads better on a pre-face lift as the kit is more of a box and the 2nd facelift is more round with more curves
  5. jim_bling

    Hoodedreeper's K11 RELOADED!!

    likin the spoiler but regards to the wheels i think it wont suit bling wheels as its more of a rally look you have going on
  6. jim_bling

    Mighty Mods Video, getting our Pulsar/Sunny through registration inspection

    thats great lads i want to do stuff like that insted of just building them
  7. jim_bling

    Ferrybridge Meet 27th March 2010

    did you have a crash like dude sorry to hear that hope you are ok
  8. jim_bling

    Photoshop Lowering

    where can you get photoshop from i want to try some stuff with my golf
  9. jim_bling

    Rally cams

    really easy as frank says
  10. jim_bling

    wanted: k11 1996 326 (white) nsf wing and bonnet

    a shift or b shift fella and line one or line two
  11. jim_bling

    new guy

    welcome to the wonderful world that is micra enjoy your stay
  12. jim_bling

    wanted led rear k11 clusters with red suround

    second ones or 3rd and 4th are your best bet and the mirrors iirc they point in the wrong way as nex found out as they are made for a left hand drive
  13. jim_bling

    wanted led rear k11 clusters with red suround

    best bet to get them off ebay mate
  14. jim_bling

    sr project euro/jap

    try not to use text speak mate
  15. jim_bling

    Hoodedreeper's K11 RELOADED!!

    get some fake cables coming out of it mate make it look like its plumbed up to something
  16. jim_bling

    1.4.vs 1.3 K11 Micra?

    the ecu is too clever for its own good mate and rather hard to remap
  17. jim_bling

    Hoodedreeper's K11 RELOADED!!

    looking good mate just not fussy with the wheels this is making me want to get another micra now
  18. jim_bling

    1.4.vs 1.3 K11 Micra?

    mine made 101 just off a straight through pipe relocated air filter and bosh 4 point spark plugs and quite a few people were surprised by it all im saying is if you are going for a 1.4 buy a different ecu i wish i had kept mine as it would have been pretty fun had i kept it
  19. jim_bling

    Solarices Micra

    nice one fella she has the red si lowered her b/f has a white civic type r eg shape iirc
  20. jim_bling

    2 years later and i return!! :D

    welcome back fella cant wait for this