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  1. Seb_

    Unknown cat sensor

    Hi everybody I was wondering what was the bottom sensor on the japanese March 1s cat "SEC226" on the diagram: On the bottom left side on the attached picture: Any information/reference would be helpful.. Thank you
  2. Seb_

    Boiling battery

    Hi peeps Got a new K11 1.4 with 32000KM on the clocks for my parents, car is like new, but the only thing faulty is the battery spitting bits of liquid through the caps screwed to refill the acid levels. Any idea where it's coming from?
  3. Seb_

    2 x stock K11 airboxes with pipes

    Hi I'm after a set of two stock airboxes, I also needs the intake pipes. Let me know if you have this and willing to ship to France Cheers Seb
  4. Seb_

    Interesting read about K13

    Found during random researches on Nissan website: Hope you'll like it ! Cheers
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  6. Seb_

    Group Buy: Nismo front grill emblem (gaugin interest)

    Hi peeps; After years seeking on yahoo auction, shops in Japan while I was there, Ebay, I FINALY managed to find someone able to sell 90's style Nismo emblem, the same that was on the K11 front grill: Uploaded with Believe me, those are nearly impossible to find nowadays...
  7. Seb_

    Changing tyres/Track session : Is it worthy?

    Hi fellows, I just wanted to know your opinion about changing my tyres especially those running at track sessions. I currently have Michelin eco saver 155 70 13 fitted on my Aquarius alloys. The tyres still have plenty of thread, and are ok for casual drive but they have almost no grip in...
  8. Seb_

    Origins of the Juke Nismo?

    I dont know about Nissan UK marketing, but Nissan France is pushing hard for the release of the Juke Nismo. Funny this morning I was browsing some of my K11 japanese brochures and found this: (2 different brochures, one regular and one about K11 nismo catalog parts)
  9. Seb_

    Kart + Micra

    So you thought Frank was the only one to drive K11 on kartings track? :eek::cool:
  10. Seb_

    Its full of WIN yo X Stupidity to the Max ?

    I seriously dont know what to think about that in the end. (USAxJDM²) + stupid contest = mindfack.
  11. Seb_

    Interior light cover

    I'm after a spare roof light cover so I can drill it to fix a 1 / 4" screw and mount a camera. No K11 at local scrappies and didnt found anything on ebay, so if you're about to scrap yours please keep it for me, I will pay postage fee; Thank you Seb
  12. Seb_

    No 2013 calendar ?

    Hi peeps as we are already mid november and there has been no announcement made yet I was wondering about it, because usually it was announced at the end of october and picture submission deadline was toward end of november Regards Seb
  13. Seb_

    Wit a G like G.u.t.t.e.d.

    So yesterday, randomly browsing the web, I discovered that Nissan France, for the 30th european birthday of the Micra release, was organising a contest, asking people to post picture of their K10 K11 and K12 on Nissan France Facebook page (see their cover picture)...
  14. Seb_

    Bonnet replacement, easy?

    Hi I wanted to know if some of you already replaced the bonnet on a K11. Because I've find a black K11 in a scrappy and the bonnet is in better nick than mine, who has been stone chipped to death just above the grill during highway trips. Is it easy to remove and fit? I'm a bit worried if it...
  15. Seb_

    Whats that part?

    I've randomly found that part in a cardbox but dont have a clue about it, any hint? Envoyé depuis mon MB860 avec Tapatalk
  16. Seb_

    Track day or not track day? That's the question.

    Hi I wanted you to give me your feeling about something. I booked a trackday on next sunday. The problem is that sunday, it will rain, like every day for more than 2 weeks here. I only have skinny 13" tyres. Do you think I should cancel the track day and book another day, or should I go on the...
  17. Seb_

    Idle valve control o ring size

    Does anyone have the measurement for this o ring inside the IVC As I've lost it so can't measure it neither. Any help much appreciated!
  18. Seb_

    Decat pipe

    Hello I'm after a pipe to replace the 2nd cat, similar as this one: Any offers welcome
  19. Seb_

    SSF4 AE Ver2012 + other Fighting games ?

    I know a lot of members are playing Forza4, and was wondering if there were any other fighting games players? I mainly play SSF4 on Xbox live, feel free to PM me if you want to do some games. Later ;)
  20. Seb_

    U.S Short Shifter? Just seen this one, do you think it will fit the K11?