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    Brakes re-lined

    The ‘94 slx is holding out well so I am thinking about getting the brake lines re-done professionally (I did them all 6 years ago, definitely not pretty) has anyone got an idea of a reasonable price or got theirs done? The Northern Ireland MOT fiasco is going to implode soon, cars untested for...
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    Boiling overflow bottle

    I have been off the road since 19th March with a broken foot, left her running maybe 5 or 10 minutes and this happened for the first time ever,,,,,, went to check the fan belt was ok after typing that,,, the chuffing fan connector had come off😒😒
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    Micra 1.3 slx 466 left

    Someone has returned to work! Howmanyleft has posted the last quarter at last, under 500 1.3 slx’s left, now a limited edition! On a side note, I insured my Kwak er500 for a whole penny!
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    Panhard rod

    Last week I had an unusual knock to begin,, then the car felt like it would roll over on a roundabout. my first day off since it acted strange was today, I spotted the panhard rod moving right away, sort of glad it wasn’t a major chassis leg fail !! i have removed the panhard and Will probably...
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    Co idle changing

    Just had a juke back at the mot results to 2015,, 0.010 0.050 0.010 0.030 and 0.030,, normally I would have done the engine service before the test but not since 2015... normally about june or july, I am wondering if the fluctuations in the readings are an indication of the engines health or...
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    Exhaust heat shields

    So today saw the final heat shield go in the bin, it started to rattle on the way home last night, has anyone ever replaced them after rotting through, or has it been ok to run without them?
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    Front wheel bearings

    It is time to do the front wheel bearings on my k11, I want to get good quality parts but my local autofactors tend to supply cheapest on the market parts,, any tips on higher end products?
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    Rear brake drum rebuild with useful where does it all go photos

    I got a rare sunny day in Belfast and decided to install the new wheel cylinders, the car passed it's19th mot a fortnight ago but I like everything to be right, the bleed nipples were seized and one of the brake pipes was very dodgy, the inspector probably let it go due to all the other effort...
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    nokian 155 70 13 winter tyres

    Living in a steep hilly ungritted estate can be a hassle when the roads are sheets of ice, found a reference to these tyres in a yt vid in Iceland, I cannot believe they are cheaper than stander tyres! I have 4 spare rims to use when it is icy... Tempted
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    Pirelli tyres

    I have found 155/70/13 pirelli tyres for £210 for 5, I didn't fancy the strada tyres or cheap remoulds which are only a couple of £ cheaper.. has anyone got a set on or opinion if they are worth the price? I have had a few sets over the years on capris and the like but not on a small car before
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    Brake servo/master cylinder overhaul upgrade

    The '94 slx passed the mot :) but,,, the front brakes had a 58% imbalance,, the guy did the test 10 times until it passed, in the end he went and got a remote control unit and did something with it to register a pass on the computer system. I replaced the brake lines 3 years ago and the 4 flexy...
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    2 unusual events in the micra today

    I normally fill up with super unleaded but today on the way to work I used bp eco, for the first time in the 6 years I have owned the car the fuel gauge went into the full tank line, normally it sits a tick below the full marker...... on the way home from work a little gimboid in a golf was so...
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    Shock Absorbers opinions? absorbers/nissan/nissan micra/micra 1992 to 2003/1.3 i 16v/75 normally I always swore by Monroe shocks but they have proven to be hard to source recently, the only suppliers on flea bay don't post to NI :mad: which bugs the hell out of me because when I...
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    1.2 slx
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    When the wife puts the shopping away

    Got a new solid block wood scrubbing brush on Sunday. The wife lobbed it over the 10ft high driveway gates where the slx was relaxing. How to tell the poor girl I was itching for an excuse to replace the wind screen :) £130 for a new tinted screen fitted and guaranteed doesn't seem to bad? The...
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    wanted pre face lift silver driver side wing

    Looking for a good condition silver preface driver side wing for my '94 slx. Prefer to fit an original same age to match the 22 years sun fading:)
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    Wheel bearing wobble?

    I reckon I know the answer but I will ask anyway, I did the new cv boot today and noticed play in the hub left to right and top to bottom when replacing the brake disc, car is up for mot on Saturday so I could replace the bearing tomorrow,, a buddy with a 10 ton hydraulic press is a handy...
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    cv boots

    I am stumped with this one, last November I replaced both cvs and new boots. Today doing new brake pipes I found the boots to be cracked and leaking already!!?? Any ideas?
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    the joy of welding

    I reckon if you are going to weld you may as well make sure it's going to last a few years cant wait till all the holes look like the drivers foot well.