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    donor car not starting /

    hello /as I have said in a previous post I have a donor car which was running but now will not start / there is no spark and the fuel pump relay does not work / I know these items come from the computer so I changed the computer and matching steering lock sensor with another one but it is still...
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    nissan micra k11 windscreen wiper amplifier/relay

    hello / I would be most grateful if someone could tell me the arrangement of the wires that go to the amplifier/relay socket / the Haynes book tells me the colours of the wires but does not show which pin they go to / the pins are not numbered so you would also have to say which pin you are...
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    unknown relay

    hello once again / I have a 2002 micra / one of the last / at the rear of the car up from the drivers side tail light cluster hidden behind the insulation I have found a relay / can someone tell me what it is for / I have also found another which is fixed to the car body behind the relay/fuse...
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    2003 k11 windscreen wiper motor

    hello all / I have a 2002 l11 and a Haynes service and repair manual 1993 2002 / on section 12.26 there is a circuit for the windscreen wiper motor / front wash wipe / can one of you car electric experts look over the motor section and see if you can see anything wrong with it / it does not seem...
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    car radio

    hello all/ I have required a radio from a donor micra k11 / I wish to use it away from the car in the garage / has anybody got any info .on how to do this regarding codes etc / I have not tried to do anything with it yet / thank you / william
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    k11 lights

    hello / I have a 2003 micra with a lights problem / when I brake the lights side lights come on and the consol lights up / clock dials etc / this happens when the lights are all switched off / it also happens when the engine is not running and the car is at a standstill / thank you for any...
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    k11 rear brake drum to disc conversion

    hello / how easy and what is needed to change the rear brakes on a k11 from drum to disc / thank you
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    k11 radio

    hello all / I have a 2002 k11 micra with a radio that works but with a u/s screen / I also have a similar k11 as a donor car with a perfect radio / I have no codes for either but I want to put the good radio in my good car / I have done some experiments / if I disconnect the battery on either...
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    hello all / I have a 2002 micra in good condition which I would like to keep as my last car / the window has got bad windscreen wiper marks in it / I have a donor car with a good screen / how easy is it to remove the screen / it is a pity that it is not like the vw beetles which used a rubber...